Behind Her Eyes episode 4 recap – what happened in “Rob”?

February 17, 2021
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“Rob” does well to raise the tension; the story brings the audience down one path, and where it will lead is still unknown, making it an exciting series.

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“Rob” does well to raise the tension; the story brings the audience down one path, and where it will lead is still unknown, making it an exciting series.

This recap of Netflix Limited Series Behind Her Eyes episode 4 “Rob” contains spoilers.

As we now approach the second half of this series, we are beginning to see our characters’ true form, with Louise, idly in the middle; the most naive one in a dangerous situation. The first three episodes were wildly innocent in comparison to what we see now.

Behind Her Eyes episode 4 opens with Louise using the sleep technique in a nightmare again, and it works. She’s in paradise with her son Adam. David joins them with a BBQ and tells them that the food is ready. Louise is happy; the scene flits to a sex dream with David, and she moans intensely. When Louise wakes up, she looks content. Life is good, for now.

In the morning, David gives Adele her medication at the table in the garden. She reluctantly takes them. He asks to check under her tongue before walking off.

Rob is happy in the facility

As the title suggests, Behind Her Eyes episode 4 focuses on Rob and his story more closely, which brings a shocking conclusion. Rob smokes weed in a flashback, and Adele tells him to stop because she doesn’t want to get caught. Each day she’s getting closer to seeing David. Rob tells her that going home isn’t great for him, and being inside the facility is better for him, with her. He doesn’t want his life back. His adoration for Adele is clear — he sees a friend for life.

The excuses Adele gives regarding her black eye doesn’t hold up

In the present day, the patient Anthony visits David and Adele’s home and asks for David. Anthony sees her face and the black eye. Adele tells Anthony that she can’t talk and he assumes that David has hurt her. Before the gym, Adele tells Louise that she got hit by a cupboard. The excuse doesn’t really pay off. It’s a nasty black eye. Adele wants to go to the park instead of the gym.

Louise tells Adele the notebook has been working and she’s sleeping well. But she does feel weird reading into her past. Adele encourages her to keep reading to get a better night’s sleep. Louise tells her she’s changed her life, and Adele hopes that Louise does something for her one day. I enjoyed this sly remark from Adele — she’s anticipating a moment where Louise will have to help her; it feels like subliminal messaging.

Serious accusations

Anthony has made serious accusations against David, and it’s reached his work. Doctor Sharma speaks to David about it, and he is adamant he didn’t hit Adele. He wants Sharma to call Adele, so he does. Louise listens in from the secretary’s desk. Adele laughs off the accusation. When David gets home, he asks Adele why she didn’t tell him about Anthony. He wonders why the patient believes he hit her. Adele asks him which flower is best and that if he doesn’t answer, “she’ll start screaming”. That one cuts right through the audience; Adele has David right where she wants him, but it’s still difficult to gauge who the villain is; it feels obvious, but stories like this tend to have an overarching twist.

Louise asks David to go home

Later in the day, David heads to Louise’s place with a bottle of wine and pours himself a quick glass. She isn’t in the mood for drinking. Louise raises how they see each other every day and then asks David if he hit his wife. David is annoyed that she asks that and states that Adele claims a kitchen cupboard hit her face. David tells Louise that she’s the only good thing in his life, and he wants it separate from everything else. Louise doesn’t believe she’s helping him and asks if he still loves Adele. David states that Adele loves him, but it’s not worth it. Louise believes that sounds ugly and asks him to go home. As he leaves, Louise tells him to stop drinking so much — Adele has planted that David is too much of a drinker in Louise’s head.

Whoever the real villain is, Adele is a great manipulator.

David tells Louise that he loves her

In the office, David tells Louise how much he cares about her and feels like there is a separate life with her. Meanwhile, Adele is at home asleep, dreaming about a pan on a hob that is about to set on fire. David tells Louise that he’s falling in love with her. Adele wakes up and says “Oh, David”. Louise tells David that it isn’t fair that he said that. It’s almost like both scenes were merged in some way. I think it was a metaphor for how both worlds are joining; how all characters are now at war with each other.

Meeting Anthony

Adele meets Anthony privately. She tells him that David deserted him. She exchanges money for drugs with him. Anthony tells Adele that he knows other things about David, and Adele wants to know what it is.

What’s it like to be rich and pretty?

In a flashback, Rob visits Adele at her family house; it’s a wealthy estate mansion. She gives him a tour, and he’s ecstatic to have a reunion with her. She then shows her the area of the house which burned down, and where her parents died. Rob asks her what it’s like to be rich and pretty. Adele tells him it’s lonely.

David checks Adele’s phone

And then the turning point to the whole story; this is an actual escalation.

In the present day, David receives a phone call at home; it’s the gym asking if it’s okay to approve a guest membership for Louise, requested by Adele. He confronts her in the kitchen and asks for her phone. Adele continues chopping up veg as David sees the messages between Adele and Louise. He’s furious and walks off — Adele cracks her neck and smiles. That was hella creepy.

Louise is fired from her job

David heads over to Louise’s place, and he’s annoyed that she and Adele have been friends the whole time, and that she didn’t mention anything. David yells at her, but Louise tells her that she’s Adele’s only friend. Louise admits it’s a mess and tries to touch him, but David is sick of the lies; she then gets emotional and states she feels guilty for what she’s doing with him — she wonders what David is afraid of, and raises how she knows he took all of Adele’s money.

David’s face changes, and remains firm and looks at her differently for the first time — he fires Louise from her job. He tells her to stay away from him and Adele. David leaves the apartment, and Adele collapses to the floor in tears.

Handing in her notice

Louise walks in the next day to work and hands in her notice due to an urgent family matter. Doctor Sharma gracefully changes it to a hiatus, rather than a notice period, and that he will get a temp in to cover her. Louise packs up her things and walks out.

Speaking to Adele

But the last few scenes have changed Louise’s perspective of David; she believes Adele is in danger to be around him, showing the height of Adele’s manipulative tactics.

Louise decides to head to David’s house to see Adele, but she can see she’s asleep in a chair. She breaks into the house, and she can see how drowsy Adele is. Adele suddenly wakes up and acts like everything is completely normal, but she cannot walk properly. Louise thought she was dead.

Louise finds the drugs

Adele tells Louise that she will speak to David about her job. Louise tells Adele that David isn’t a saint, and as she’s about to tell her that they’ve been having sex, Adele gets extremely drowsy again. She points to the cupboard and says David has been giving her drugs. Louise sees potent antipsychotics and sedatives. She states this all started in Brighton when David had an affair with a woman named Marianne. And then she claims this house was supposed to be a “fresh start” and that David has a file on her, which is his insurance policy that makes her look like a crazy wife. Louise tells Adele that David isn’t the man she thinks he is. Well, based on what Adele has said, it’s an obvious statement by Louise.

The ending

As we approach the end of Behind Her Eyes episode 4, we learn the fate of Rob.

We are treated to a flashback; Rob and Adele are in the woods near her wealthy estate. They reach a well. Rob tells her that he loves this place, and he’d stay forever if he could and help keep the monsters away. The friends walk back to the house and hold hands on the way, signifying their wonderful friendship. In the present, David asks Adele if she knew who Louise was. Adele denies she did. David feels there have been too many coincidences. Adele tells David to move on from the past because “what happened” made her truly believe that he loved her and doesn’t see it as an unhappy memory. She wants him to “let it go”, and not destroy them.

Adele places him on the bed and tells him she’s going to make them peppermint tea; she vows to fix things. As she leaves him in the bedroom, David’s eyes well up as he looks at the painting in the woods on the wall. The scene then flits to the bottom of the wall, looking at David’s watch; it zooms out to show Rob’s dead body. This is now turning into a “whodunnit” story.

Behind Her Eyes episode 4 does well to raise the tension; the story brings the audience down one path, and where it will lead is still unknown, making it an exciting series.

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