Launch of The Spawn Universe

February 19, 2021
Louie Fecou 0

Todd Macfarlane, the creator of Spawn and one of the founders of Image comics, has announced a new extended universe is to be launched in June focussing on his hit character.

Macfarlane crafted at Marvel and DC, working on titles such as Spider-Man and Batman, before throwing the towel in with the big two to create his own comic label Image. You could write a book on everything that followed, but there is no denying that his first comic Spawn became a huge fan favourite, and has had an unbroken run since 1992.

So in June comic fans will be treated to a one-shot comic, which will lead to three more titles that will expand the lore and complexity of the Spawn franchise.

It appears that the titles will feature King Spawn, Gunslinger Spawn, and a team book called The Scorched.

The Todd father has never been one to shy away from the industry and has always been at the forefront of pushing his creation. A hugely successful line of toys took Macfarlane out of the day-to-day running of his comic creation, as he toiled away to grow his IP. Toys were followed by a film and an animated TV show as the marketing machine he created pushed Spawn into all areas of fandom.

With everything that Macfarlane worked on, it’s almost surprising that the Spawn Universe has taken so long to materialize. However, there may be some clues in the legal battles that Macfarlane has had with other creatives in the industry as to why he resisted expanding the comic book arm of Spawn.

All that is behind him now though, and there have already been some big names dropped in his initial interviews about the new Spawn Universe, including Frank Quietly and Art Adams.

With streaming services often using the comic industry as an ideas machine, there probably isn’t a better time for these new Spawn titles to come along. For a while there have been rumours of a new Spawn movie, but it seems to have been stuck in development hell for a long time, so perhaps a new perspective on the premise may lead to interest from other parties, and who wouldn’t watch a weekly Spawn series on Netflix?

So far fan speculation on the new comics seems positive, and with problems both at DC and Marvel, Macfarlane may be on the cusp of starting a series of titles that will replicate the shared universe that the big two have always utilized in their line of books.

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