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February 19, 2021
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After episode 7 completely consumed the audience with an outrageous episode Losing Alice season 1, episode 8 will wrap up the brilliant series with warped minds. We have no idea how this will end, but in episode 7, we became absorbed by a single scene, with director Alice not satisfied with David and Sophie’s performance. She doesn’t want it to be fake — she wanted authenticity, and that’s exactly what she got, with David actually having sex with Sophie on set.

What that means for the finale is up in the air, but Alice has kept the audience guessing so far, while Sophie has kept us compelled.

Losing Alice season 1, episode 8 release date

Episode 8, the finale, will be released on Apple TV+ on February 26, 2021. The usual time is 08:00 am (GMT). We do not anticipate any changes to the schedule.

Losing Alice season 1, episode 8 summary and predictions:
  • In episode 7, Alice was convinced she saw the homeless woman Pnina, even asking for security to be alert. There’s a slight hint that she wasn’t paranoid, as a quick scene shows Pnina walking down the corridor. This suggests that Alice could be in danger, and it will all come to the surface in the finale.
  • It looks like Sophie and David had real sex in “The Scene”, and Alice seemed happy that her brief separation with David led to that, but will she confront him about it?
  • And that brings episode 8 to the separation — will Alice and David break-up for good, even with a premiere of the movie on the way?
  • Sophie seemed to attempt to taunt Alice after the sex scene by looking back at the camera — did she plan to sleep with David, or was it an unexpected moment between them?

Regardless of what happens, Losing Alice season 1, episode 8 will surely be a mesmerizing finale, sealing off another brilliant series on Apple TV+.

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