Next Time On… Bridge and Tunnel season 1, episode 6, “The Swan Song”

February 21, 2021
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Fittingly for a penultimate episode, the latest installment of Bridge and Tunnel left virtually all of the major characters unsure about their relationships, their careers, and their futures. That leaves a lot of potential for Bridge and Tunnel season 1, episode 6, “The Swan Song”, which at this point could go in many different directions. With everything undecided, let’s make some predictions, shall we?

How to watch Bridge and Tunnel season 1, episode 6:

“The Swan Song” will air on Epix at 9 pm ET/PT on February 28. The episodes tend to be available slightly earlier than this on the Epix Now app, available through a TV or digital provider or your preferred app store. It’s also available through Amazon.

Bridge and Tunnel season 1, episode predictions:

First off, Mikey and Tammy. Will they both confess their love for one another? My vote is yes, they will, or maybe that’s more wishful thinking. Either way, Stacey will have to let go of Mikey and her sense of entitlement in order for this to happen, and she hasn’t shown any sign of doing so thus far. But I reckon this would be a good conclusion of her arc, and it makes sense that for all three characters that she’d give Mikey and Tammy her blessing.

Pags is a little bit more complicated. He found love in the fourth episode, and then promptly had his hopes dashed in the fifth when he discovered that he hadn’t gotten accepted at Brooklyn Law. What happens next for him is anyone’s guess. After he canceled his date with Juliana, who was only around for part of one episode, I suspect that’s her basically being written out of the show. The main question is can he find some kind of personal happiness after just having his dreams dashed? And will his mother shacking up with Mr. Ross make that even more complicated for him?

All the big questions surround Jill and Jimmy. At first, we were always expected to believe that Jimmy would give up his NatGeo opportunity for Jill, even if she didn’t want him to, but that has changed somewhat in recent weeks. The penultimate episode complicated this matter by having Jill quit her job and become disillusioned with her career, severing her ties to Long Island and raising the possibility of her going to Alaska with Jimmy, but also having Artie raise to Jimmy that perhaps his true calling isn’t nature photography. If Jimmy goes to Alaska, does Jill go with him? And if Jimmy stays in Long Island, do he and Jill remain a couple? I’m suspecting the latter, personally, but we’ll have to wait and see.


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