Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 6 recap – “I’m Triggered”

February 24, 2021
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It’s heating up — “I’m Triggered” proves that Georgia cannot hide her past anymore as her daughter begins to withdraw from her even more. There’s a sense the mother and daughter relationship will pull through, but there’s going to be a lot of pain first.

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It’s heating up — “I’m Triggered” proves that Georgia cannot hide her past anymore as her daughter begins to withdraw from her even more. There’s a sense the mother and daughter relationship will pull through, but there’s going to be a lot of pain first.

This recap of Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 6, “I’m Triggered”, contains spoilers.

Ginny & Georgia has a way of flipping stories with ease, knowing full well that the audience wants as much information as possible. So while the last episode focused on Ginny’s insecurities with race and identity, “I’m Triggered” goes full gung-ho with Georgia’s past.

To open up Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 6, Georgia is called into school after Austin stabbed Cynthia’s son Zach with a pencil. Georgia is fully on board with the suggestions from the school, including therapy, but she only agreed to keep the school appeased. Georgia believes Austin’s behavior is due to her mother with the cousin and auntie arriving. She accuses her mother of being a liar. Ginny narrates that Georgia lives in flight or fight, and they’ve lived in many homes.

The mother and daughter are starting to grow further away from each other with each chapter passing.

A catch up with sis

Georgia catches up with her sister Ed. Ginny interrupts the conversation and tells Maddie that Georgia is dating a mayor before angrily leaving the house. Maddie tells Georgia that Ginny gets her anger from her. Maddie claims she came all this way because she missed her sister, but you can see the cynicism on Georgia’s face. Afterward, Ginny vents to Hunter about her mother. Hunter suggests she should try to get to know her mother, but Ginny wonders what else her mother is lying about.

Hunter struggles to read Ginny sometimes, and this was one of those moments.

Georgia is interested in poker

Flashbacks show a man named Anthony watching Ginny while Georgia works. She works for him, and he’s paying her under the table and letting her stay for free. Anthony is desperate to take her out, but Georgia asks for healthcare instead. As the flashback draws out, Georgia becomes consumed by poker on television. She arranges a poker event at Anthony’s place, and it’s making them good money. Her sister Maddie shows up after.

Maddie’s kid Caleb and Austin use fire torches

In the present day, while working and serving her friends, Maddie turns up, and Ginny is embarrassed. When Ginny gets home, Georgia is dazed out as Ginny rants. But they don’t get a chance to talk about it, the yard is on fire. Austin had started it with Caleb. Ginny suggests therapy. Georgia confronts Maddie about the fire torches, and they argue at Joe’s cafe. Joe tells Georgia that “family is family”.

Joe is clearly a casual philosopher — the is definitely not a normal family situation.

Confiding with friends

Now that Ginny has established a group of friends, Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 6 sees her confiding with them as much as possible as the episode progresses; her anxiety is building up.

Maxine is fretting about Sophie; Ginny tells her to be direct with her and apologize. She thinks she should tell her that she likes her. Ginny tells Maxine and Marcus that Georgia has a sister that she lied about. She states that secrecy is affecting her. Marcus suggests that she talks to her aunt to find out more. Ginny has to return home and look after Austin and Caleb because Maddie and Georgia are too drunk at Joe’s. Marcus and Maxine help her.

Paul learns why Georgia has been off

When Georgia returns home, Ginny tells Marcus that she hates her mother and that she ruins everything. Paul then comes over to drop some flowers off for Georgia. Marcus and Ginny tell Paul that Georgia is upstairs, knowing full well that she’s drunk upstairs with Maddie and Joe. Joe and Georgia have a strange moment, but Paul comes up and interrupts it. Georgia explains that she didn’t want Paul to see her sister. Paul tells Georgia that she doesn’t need to hide things from him. He’s all in, but the audience can already feel that it isn’t going to end well.

What Maddie is really doing

While her sister sleeps, Georgia checks out her phone. She sees messages between Cordova and Maddie — they are exchanging information about Georgia’s ex-husband Kenny. Cordova is giving Maddie money for information. Georgia researches Cordova — it’s a private investigator. It’s the same man that Nick is dating, which makes things even more awkward.

A hungover Maddie gives family details

Ginny asks Maddie what her grandparents are like. She tells Ginny that her grandparents were crazy, and Georgia looked after her when younger. Maddie then reveals that she and Georgia do not have the same father. In a flashback, Georgia tells Maddie that she can’t afford to look after Ginny and her. She is angry; she left Ginny in the bathtub. Maddie is distressed about the situation; she doesn’t want to go back home. Before she leaves, she steals Georgia’s money under the bed.

The sisters argue intensely

And the situation keeps on escalating, making it the fieriest chapter of the series thus far.

In the present day, Georgia packs Maddie’s bags and tells her she’s leaving. Maddie calls her Mary. An angry Georgia tells Georgia, Austin, and Caleb to go upstairs. Georgia gives Maddie ten grand, double what Cordova asked for. Maddie tells Georgia she’d never rat her out regarding New Orleans, and she thinks she is mad because she reminds her of her father. Georgia seems inflicted by her words. Maddie tells her that when she left, her father started “doing it to her”. Georgia holds in tears and tells her to leave.

It seems that both women were abused when children — a secret between them that disturbs their sister relationship.

Making up with Sophie

Maxine finally manages to grab Sophie at school. She’s extremely nervous to talk, but she admits she screwed up at Halloween. She confesses that she has never dated anyone before and freaked out because she likes her — Maxine asks for another shot. Sophie agrees to try again, and they kiss.

The ending

At home, Gunny finds a secret stash under the floorboards. It’s photos of Georgia and Maddie. She finds a Hell’s Angels jacket and a pistol. Georgia returns home and believes she has an intruder, so she draws out a pistol. She points it on Ginny, and we have a potentially dangerous moment where Ginny and Georgia are pointing a gun at each other.

Ginny wants answers, but Georgia tells her she is her family. Ginny calls her Mary, so Georgia slaps her. Later on, Georgia apologizes for slapping her; she believes if she knew her past, she wouldn’t look at her in the same way — “the past needs to stay in the past”.

Ginny narrates that her mother deals with her problems by ignoring them. But she states it’s her life too. As the episode ends, Ginny rings her father.

It’s heating up — Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 6 proves that Georgia cannot hide her past anymore as her daughter begins to withdraw from her even more. There’s a sense the mother and daughter relationship will pull through, but there’s going to be a lot of pain first.

Additional points
  • Maddie tells Georgia that she believes Joe likes her.
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