Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 9 recap – “Feelings Are Hard”

February 24, 2021
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Where do we even start! “Feelings Are Hard” is a bubbling volcano of problems, and the most encouraging thing is, there’s another episode to allow everything to explode.

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Where do we even start! “Feelings Are Hard” is a bubbling volcano of problems, and the most encouraging thing is, there’s another episode to allow everything to explode.

This recap of Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 9, “Feelings Are Hard”, contains spoilers.

As we approach “Feelings Are Hard”, it’s perhaps safe to say that this series’s true beauty is how the lead mother and daughter are so similar but so far apart. At the crux of it, they have the same DNA, and the actors have done a fine job in relaying their relationship to the audience.

Ginny narrates how everyone thinks that “love is beautiful”, but she disagrees — she believes it’s painful and inconvenient. Scenes show her staying up at night, and she’s texting Marcus constantly, trying to apologize. The next morning, Georgia tells Ginny that Marcus is having a CAT scan but will be okay.  Suddenly, she sees Marcus return, and she watches him with despair from the window. The accident has made her realize where her true feelings lie.

The Zion problem

With Ginny having guy problems, so is her mother — they’ve managed to entwine themselves into difficult situations, and they are unfolding at the same time.

Georgia seems to regret sleeping with Zion, and he thinks it’s inevitable that she’s going to start ignoring him again. She’s also panicking about lawyer Marty, waiting for an update. A flashback shows Georgia visiting Zion. He’s annoyed that she disappeared. Georgia was worried that his parents were going to take control of Ginny and apologizes for making a mistake.

Georgia’s problems continue to mount up

But Georgia’s main problem is work and how she deals with Paul, who is already suspicious of Zion. She appears to have the choice of two great men who are willing to be in her life.

At work, Paul apologizes for storming out on her the other night. She tells him that they are great. She isn’t telling him that she slept with Zion. Meanwhile, the private investigator tells a judge about the Wolfsbane plant that’s poisonous and can cause heart attacks. He manages to get permission to dig up Kenny’s body for toxicology. They believe Georgia killed Kenny. This story arc continues to bubble, predictably moving towards the finale of Season 1.

And another problem with Georgia, but this time, with her other kid. While Austin plays hide and seek with Zion, he finds a box full of money and documents, including his letters to his father that have been stashed away. She never sent. As Zion finds him, he stashes the box back away.

Men problems

Georgia picks Ginny up from work, and they both sigh as they enter the car — a beautiful moment and well-acted. They both talk about their complicated situations with men. Ginny tells Georgia not to blow up their lives due to their father. Georgia calls her moment with Zion a momentary lapse. When they get home, Zion is cooking for the family and Ellen’s family. He tells Georgia that they could work now, and they are adults.

An awkward dinner

In a flashback, Zion returns home and plays the piano for baby Ginny. In the present day, Georgia is consumed by Zion, watching him cook. Ellen and her husband join for dinner with Maxine. Ginny is desperate to tell Max about her feelings for Marcus, but it’s making her anxious. At the table, Zion tells the table that he’s here to stay in the town. There are so many unspoken words at the table. Ginny visits Marcus’s room and tries speaking to him, but then Padma enters. She asks Ginny if she likes him — she tells her that he’s selfish and will hurt her. As Padma leaves, Ginny tells her not to tell anyone about her and Marcus.

With every minute that passes in “Feelings Are Hard”, the closer Ginny’s secret with Marcus is about to be found out — it’s a massive problem for this character.

Zion wants to commit to Georgia

Georgia presses Zion about him staying. He tells her that he can provide for the family and that he wants to settle down. Zion feels Georgia is the only place that feels like home. He asks her if he can “come home”, and Georgia has a face expressed with love. At work, Georgia wants Paul to go on the offensive, rally, plant trees, paint fences — she thinks they should show Wellsbury that they have a mayor who cares and acts. Paul loves the idea but then asks how long Zion is going to stay in town. “He never stays long” is her awkward response. The irony is, she barely stays around herself.

Sophie breaks up with Maxine

Maxine cannot catch a break in this series. She’s a character that’s become extremely interesting to watch outside the leads — Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 9 sees her suffer a major heartbreak. At one point in this chapter, Maxine says, “I love you” casually to Sophie, and you can tell that this hit Sophie like a brick, but not in a positive way.

Sophie speaks to Max about how she can never feel like herself with her friends and that Max feels like a “vacation”. Sophie doesn’t want to hurt her, but she wants to break-up — she doesn’t think it will work when they go to college. Max is devastated because she loves her. The women hug it out, and there’s plenty of tears between them.

Her friends come around afterward and give her moral support, but we really want a happy ending for this character.

Zion pledges to Ginny that he is completely ready

With Zion laying his claim for the throne (and by that, we mean Georgia), he still needs to convince Ginny.

Zion tells Ginny that she loves her mother, and she’s his person. He insists he wants to be with her. He then mentions an apartment in Boston and that they are finally going to be a family. Ginny is happy and hugs her father.

Ginny visits Marcus…but Abby finds them in a moment 

The situation between Ginny and Marcus and no-one knowing about them was never going to last, and “Feelings Are Hard” sees how their nine lives are running out.

Ginny tries again with Marcus and visits his room. This time he’s awake, and she apologizes for all the mean things she said. Marcus tells her he wasn’t ignoring her texts, and his phone is probably on the side of the road somewhere. The pair hug, nearly kiss, and then Abby catches them. Abby tells Ginny that her friend Maxine is devastated right now and she is not going even to consider what she saw; she warns Ginny that she is not breaking up the group and to stop being selfish.

The only problem, of course, is that Ginny and Marcus love each other.

Letting Zion go

Georgia runs the campaign. Zion takes photos and sees how much she cares about the campaign and the mayor. In a flashback, Georgia tells Zion that their relationship isn’t working, and she can tell he is angry — she wants him to be happy and get everything he wants, but she doesn’t want to hold him back. She wants him to live his life so that he doesn’t stop loving her.

The flashback says everything; Zion and Georgia are the right couple, but always at the wrong time. They seem to be cursed.

Paul makes his case, and Zion lets Georgia go

The next moment of Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 9, is perhaps a surprising one and will make the viewers feel pumped!

After the campaign, Georgia speaks to Paul about Zion wanting to stay and give it a try. She apologizes and states she slept with him. Paul is irritated that she gave into unresolved feelings and that all she has his story and that he is not the future, just the past — it seems like he knew that Georgia would sleep with Zion. Paul valiantly tells Georgia that they are cut from the same cloth, and they want power together. He tells her to choose — him or Zion. Paul plonks an engagement ring on the table and states he bought it after their date because he knew a woman like her only comes around once in a lifetime — “I see you”. What high-octane emotional stuff — he pulls out all the stops to lay his stake and compete with Zion.

Putting a ring on it

When Georgia gets home, Zion has packed his bags, and she is dismayed. Zion believes that Georgia wants Wellsbury, not him. He tries touching her face, but she’s too upset. Zion wants her to get everything she wants — he kisses her on the forehead; this is an absolute parallel to the flashback, but this time, Zion wants Georgia to pursue a dream. He leaves her sobbing in her house. She finally contains herself and looks at the ring given to her by Paul and puts it on. We have an engaged Georgia.

Ginny is dismayed so heads to Marcus’s room

But this makes for an uncomfortable moment between father and daughter and quickly switches to a moment where Ginny accepts her feelings for Marcus.

Zion has to see Ginny at work. Ginny senses that he’s leaving without her straight away and is dismayed that she believed him. As he tries to explain, Ginny storms off.

Ginny visits Marcus in his bedroom. She tells him her father left but follows it with, “I think I love you too”. Ginny admits that she tried to fight it. She also admits that she loves Hunter too, but she thinks about him all the time. Marcus grabs her, and they kiss. It quickly turns sexual.

Afterward, Marcus reveals he was a virgin when they first had sex and wanted her to think he was cool. Marcus then delves into how dark it got after his friend died, and he really scared himself. He then brings up how he saw Ginny with the lighter about to self-harm. Ginny explains how the burning helps her concentrate her exploding feelings. Marcus asks her to get help, and she agrees. After, Hunter texts her, asking her if they can talk. The problems never end.

The ending

When Ginny returns home, Austin is in her room which makes her jump. He seems upset and shows how Georgia has been storing letters from him to his father. Ginny vows to send them to his father for him.

In the mayor’s office, Cynthia snoops around and looks through the electronic ledger — she finds entries that are not found in the system; she’s uncovered the fraudulent activity conducted by Georgia. Meanwhile, as the private investigator visits Kenny’s grave, it’s empty. Look like Marty did the job Georgia asked him to do.

As the episode ends, Maxine finds Marcus’s phone and sees the texts between him and Ginny, including the photo where she is just wearing a bra. Uh-oh.

Where do we even start! Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 9 is a bubbling volcano of problems, and the most encouraging thing is, there’s another episode to allow everything to explode.

Additional points
  • Ginny tells Joe about her complicated feelings for Marcus. She asks for advice. Joe tells Ginny that he can see the way she and Marcus look at each other.
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