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February 25, 2021
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After an action-filled couple of episodes, — Sisyphus: The Myth episode 5 looks to bring the leading characters even closer together after a few more truths were spoken about why they’ve been brought together.

In summary, episode 4 brought the following:

  • Gang Seo-hae and Tae-sul have to escape Mr Park — they have no idea who they should trust, so there’s plenty of moments of the characters working together to get away.
  • Episode 4 introduces us to Hyeong-gi in the present and the future — he’s a police officer in the present, but is part of the Control Bureau in the future — both the present and future appear to collide in this chapter.
  • Tae-sul learns that he’s the creator of the downloader/uploader.
  • Gang Seo-hae and Tae-sul find themselves running away from the Control Bureau again — this time it involves drones, car chases, and a full police block at the end of a bridge.
  • Gang Seo-hae is hurt at the end of episode 4 and Tae-sul has to save her in the sea.

Sisyphus: The Myth episode 5 release date

Episode 5 will be released on Netflix on March 3, 2021. The usual time is 13:30 (GMT), but sometimes this varies. We do not anticipate any changes to the schedule yet (sometimes this happens in the K-Drama world).

Sisyphus: The Myth episode 3 summary and predictions:

Based on a sneaky preview at the end of episode 4, the following plot points look to take place in episode 5:

  • The next episode is going to give more of an insight into The Control Bureau and how they operate.
  • Gang Seo-hae is going to be a target, with present-day Hyeong-gi manipulated by the Control Bureau after the events with his mother in episode 4.
  • Tae-sul asks more questions about the uploader to Gang Seo-hae and the war that is going to take place.
  • There’s a suggestion that Gang Seo-hae and Tae-sul will go their separate ways, but then realise that they need each other.

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