Superman ’78 and Batman ’89 Comic Universe Expanded

February 25, 2021
Louie Fecou 0

DC has recently announced that the movie universe of two of their most beloved movie franchises is to be further expanded in new comic book series. The Superman film from 1978 and the Batman movie from 1989 will continue in the same style and timeline as those films and will be available in digital form first, and print second, as Superman ’78 and Batman ’89.

Batman ’89 will be drawn by Joe Quinones and written by screenwriter Sam Hamm. It is probably noteworthy that the book will be focused on the Tim Burton films, and not the subsequent Batman Forever and Batman and Robin entries. This means we could be treated to another look at Michelle Pfeifer’s Catwoman, and a look at the Billy Dee Williams Two-Face arc that never played out in the first two Burton films. Art on Quinones Twitter also suggests a return of The Joker and the introduction of Harvey Bullock.

Superman ’78 will have Robert Venditti on words and Wilfredo Torres on pictures. Torres was the artist on the Batman 1966 DC comic previously and has a style suited to a retro comic book premise.

It seems that the series will premiere in July, and be launched every week, and print versions featuring two episodes each should be around from August through October and full trade reprints towards the end of the year.

Long-time fans of those films will no doubt be intrigued to look at these books and see two of DC’s lynchpin properties returning to a less complicated age of storytelling.

Concept art shows that both teams are staying true to the original films, and there is no doubt that Batman looks like Keaton and Superman looks like Reeve in their comic depictions.

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