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March 4, 2021
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Once again, the recent episodes have not been impressive, so Hello, Me! episode 7 has another job in convincing audiences to stay tuned. The series cannot seem to recover from the first two chapters, which impressed immensely.

Here is a summary of what happened in episode 6:

  • Ha-ni’s teen version learns that the actor Anthony is her admirer Chun-sik from the past and toys with him all episode, threatening to reveal who he truly is in the media.
  • Ha-ni gets the samples for work but ends up using them to save a man who is drowning in a river — people nearby eat the samples, and Oh Ji-eun is furious, however, it turns into a good PR move for the company as the footage of Ha-ni saving the man goes viral.
  • We learn that Oh Ji-eun and Ha-ni were best friends before they sadly fell out.
  • Han Yu-hyeon continues to help out Ha-ni, and there are suggestions a romance is brewing.

Hello, Me! episode 7 release date

Episode 7 will be released on Netflix on March 10, 2021. The usual time is 14:00 (GMT), but sometimes this varies. We do not anticipate any changes to the schedule yet (sometimes this happens in the K-Drama world).

Hello, Me! episode 7 summary and predictions:
  • Anthony keeps on investigating Ha-ni — he had a crush on Ha-ni in the past, so will he compete with Han Yu-hyeon? He seems irked when he finds the man in Ha-ni’s apartment at the end of episode 6.
  • There’s a competition at Joa Confectionery that Ha-ni seems eager to win — there seems to be a prize reward for the winner.
  • Oh Ji-eun seems to sympathise with Ha-ni in episode 6 because she believes she’s a mother trying to make sure her daughter isn’t embarrassed by her — will they become best friends again? Let’s hope so. Ha-ni could do with some friends.

But overall, we hope this series consistently shows some quality from here on.

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