Hello, Me! episode 6 recap – an upturn of fortune for Ha-ni

March 4, 2021
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Episode 6 is frustrating because, like episode 4, there’s some promise — we sit and hope that there’s some consistency in future episodes.

This recap of the K-Drama Netflix series Hello, Me! episode 6 contains spoilers.

This is.. a bit better. With some stories, it takes a while for the objectives to arrive, and with Hello, Me! it flits around plot points a little too much, however, this did make me smile… a little bit. So there’s that!

Picking up where it left off, Ha-ni sees her teen self at her work and chases after her through the offices. But, as she chases her younger self, she bumps into Anthony, who is still intrigued by her. Ha-ni still has a job to do for Oh Ji-eun, and Han Yu-hyeon decides to help her by taking her to the factory to get the sample.

Ha-ni (teen) believed Anthony is Chun-sik from the past

Ha-ni teen is on her own again in episode 6, staying away from her future self, and she comes across a revelation.

Anthony learns that he’s one of the three candidates for Ms Kim’s new drama. Suddenly, Anthony is excited and puts in an enthusiastic performance for the commercial as the squid. His team are also buzzing. Meanwhile, Ha-ni (teen) lurks nearby as she’s also an extra in the commercial; as she watches him eat, she remembers Chun-sik from the past who asks her to be his girlfriend — she rejects him and calls him disgusting. In the present, she believes Chun-sik is the actor Anthony after seeing a mole on his back.

She puts milk in his drink so that Anthony constantly needs the toilet — he’s lactose intolerant; Ha-ni (teen) watches in amusement as he suffers. Anthony then sees a mirror that says, “I know what you did at 17”. Ha-ni (teen) is well and truly toying with him.

Han Yu-hyeon works out the maths

Ha-ni makes it to the factory and asks them to make the sample with the ingredients. As they wait, Ha-ni tells Han Yu-hyeon that she has no money, but he doesn’t care. He also asks what age she had her daughter, and it dawns on him that she had a baby when very young (all a lie, of course). Ha-ni claims she lived a carefree life. Eventually, the sample is made, so they make their way back, however, as they drive, they see a commotion near a bridge — a man is struggling to swim in the water. Ha-ni uses the samples to create a float to save him. This provided a slightly comedic moment as we see Ha-ni tape bags of products together in order to save a random man.

Oh Ji-eun tells Ha-ni to take responsibility

But this leads to another pitfall for the lead character. By saving the man, Ha-ni ends up in trouble in the water. Han Yu-hyeon saves her and brings her to the surface. But, trouble is afoot as people nearby start eating the samples. When she returns to work, Oh Ji-eun is furious at Ha-ni for not returning all the samples and wants her to take responsibility, not apologise — she wants her to give up, but Ha-ni doesn’t want to and wants one more chance. Oh Ji-eun makes it explicitly clear that she wants her out of the team and accidentally pushes her down the stairwell. Ha-ni (teen) stops her fall. Due to nearly hurting her, Oh Ji-eun tells her to forget it. Ha-ni tells her teen self that she went to school with Oh Ji-eun. The teen Ha-ni is shocked that her best friend nearly pushed her down the stairs from school.

Why are they no longer best friends?

And then Hello, Me! episode 6 starts giving context to Ha-ni’s and Oh Ji-eun’s friendship and why there is bitterness between them.

In the bathroom, Ha-ni (teen) asks what happened as they used to be best friends. Oh Ji-eun listens in. Flashbacks show Oh Ji-eun visiting Ha-ni in the hospital — she tells her everything will be okay in due course; Ha-ni gets upset, stating that her father will not return and that it will never be okay. She throws Oh Ji-eun’s letters on the floor, stating they will not make her feel better. Oh Ji-eun storms out. In the present day, Oh Ji-eun believes the young girl accompanying her is Ha-ni’s daughter.

Is there a ghost?

When Ha-nis return home, there’s a power cut, which scares the younger version. They see someone lurking outside their house on the balcony and ask Han Yu-hyeon to inspect. He tells them there’s no-one here. Han Yu-hyeon makes out likes he’s hitting on Ha-ni to lighten the mood — was he joking? The chemistry isn’t clear still at this point.

Ha-ni accidentally created good PR

Hello, Me! episode 6 sees Ha-ni’s luck starting to turn upwards after a series of calamities.

On the news, Ha-ni’s heroic efforts to save a woman in the river has gone viral. It’s good PR for Joa Confectionery as she used the sample products to make a float. Chairman Ji-man laughs and asks Oh Ji-eun and the team to market the product immediately as they have an endorsement.

At work, Oh Ji-eun is in complete shock and approaches Ha-ni — she congratulates her for scoring “big time”. There’s a buzz in the office as the company is trending. Meanwhile, Bahn Ha-ni (teen) receives her check for being an extra in the commercial. However, Anthony’s team approaches her after they suspect she is the one toying with him.

The team warn her about defamation and tells her she cannot reveal that Anthony is Chun-sik. Ha-ni (teen) sees it as a threat and plays with Anthony’s team, and threatens to spread photos of the actor.


Due to the PR success and the new product launch, the Joa Confectionery team celebrates and drinks. Colleagues all treat Ha-ni as a celebrity, while Oh Ji-eun seems bothered by it. Ha-ni glugs the beer, and Oh Ji-eun seems to be competing. Celebrations get wilder and Ha-ni dances and sings karoake in front of the team — Oh Ji-eun competes on the microphone as well. In the bathroom, Ha-ni tells Oh Ji-eun that she wants to put “her all” into the job. Oh Ji-eun asks if she’s doing all this for her daughter, and Ha-ni admits that it is because she doesn’t want to be an embarrassment anymore. This is a touching moment; Ha-ni doesn’t want her younger self to feel like there’s no hope, she understands how important it is to be a role model for her past self.

The ending

Han Yu-hyeon bumps into a drunk Ha-ni on the way home, and she’s dancing. She asks him to dance with her — she’s on cloud nine and happy. Ha-ni thanks him for calling her awesome. While dancing, she collapses, so Han Yu-hyeon carries an intoxicated Ha-ni home. As they get closer to home, Ha-ni starts crying, so Han Yu-hyeon offers to take her around the block again — she doesn’t want the night to end.

As the episode draws closer to an end, Anthony lurks outside Ha-ni’s house and knocks on the door before letting himself in. When he enters, he sees Han Yu-hyeon, and they freeze and look at each other. I’m still unsure what the problem is between these two characters, but hopefully, it becomes obvious soon.

Hello, Me! episode 6 is frustrating because, like episode 4, there’s some promise — we sit and hope that there’s some consistency in future episodes.

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