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March 12, 2021
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After George’s warning about Aunt May in episode 8, the story now has its entire attention on Servant season 2, episode 10 — the finale. Many questions were raised in the penultimate chapter, so let’s hope some answers arrive in the finale.

Here is a summary of what happened in episode 9:

  • Dorothy was adamant that Christmas was celebrated for Jericho, despite him not being there.
  • Christmas Day went ahead in the Turner household, and Sean cooked goose for the family. Dorothy’s father, Frank, showed up with his new partner Kourtney.
  • During the Christmas Dinner, Julian gets increasingly irritated, and when Sean makes a prayer, hinting for Jericho to come back, it throws him over the edge.
  • With Dorothy expecting Jericho back on Christmas day, she sits on the doorstep in the cold after hearing a baby’s cry outside. Sean joins her and comforts his wife.
  • Julian’s frustration gets the better of him — struggling to enjoy the festivities, Julian overdoses on cocaine in the bathroom. Kourtney finds him dead, which causes a panic. Sean performs CPR, but it does not work;
  • However, when Leanne kneels next to Julian and kisses him on the lips, he suddenly wakes up. He is shocked by what happened to him and looks directly at Leanne. Julian was dead, and Leanne brought him back to life.
  • Dorothy has created a noose in the basement — it’s a contingency in case Jericho does not return. She plans to kill herself so she can be reunited with her son.
  • As episode 9 ends, there’s a knock at the door; Sean answers, and he sees a woman with a veil across her face. She asks him about Jericho.
Servant season 2, episode 10/finale release date

Episode 10 will be released on Apple TV+ on March 19, 2021. The usual time is 08:00 am (GMT). We do not anticipate any changes to the schedule.

Servant season 2, episode 10/finale summary and predictions:

There are more questions than predictions this week — here is what questions we expect to be answered:

  • Leanne looks infatuated with Julian since they had sex — will she help Julian “heal his pain” more in the finale? She hints at it in episode 9.
  • If Leanne did bring Julian back to life, what does that mean for Julian? George warns of breaking the rules and Aunt May’s wrath — does this mean Julian is in danger now?
  • Will the baby return?
  • Was the woman at the end of episode 9 Aunt May? What will she do once inside the Turner household? George strongly warns Leanne about May, which could mean danger and risk to life to the others in the finale.
  • Is Dorothy going to kill herself in the finale? If the baby does not return, what does it mean for the character?
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