Justice League of America #112 classic comic re-read

March 17, 2021
Louie Fecou 2

This classic comic re-read of Justice League of America #112 contains some spoilers.

It’s here.

The Justice League Snyder Cut has arrived, and despite your point of view, the 4-hour epic will be a must-see for any comic book fan. From a comic book point of view, Brian Michael Bendis has taken over the reins of the current run of the book, but here in the dark corner of Ready Steady Cut that re-reads old comics, we thought we would grab a copy of Justice League of America #112, and check out this classic book.

First thing’s first, this issue is a 100-page spectacular, but I won’t be reviewing all the backup stories. They are all wonderful reprints from a bygone age, that includes the 7 Soldiers Of Victory, Starman, and a Silver Age JLA story, but instead, we are focusing on the new material at the front of the book.

Written by Len Wein, with art from Dick Dillon and Dick Giordano, this a typical tale of the team from this era. “War With The One-Man Justice League” features the incredibly powerful android Amazo, an older villain making a rare appearance, that the JLA have to resurrect to help them regain their lost powers.

You see previously, half of the JLA’s powers had been robbed by Libra, a space-age villain who disappeared into the void of space, taking our heroes’ powers with him.

A depleted League decides that there is a way to get their powers back. However, it’s a gamble.

Way back in Brave and the Bold #30, Professor Ivo created an android called Amazo that was capable of stealing the powers of the heroes in the JLA. Amazo was defeated, of course, a few times, and the JLA have his robot frame stored in their trophy room. Trophy rooms were all the rage in the 60s and 70s. The Atom realizes that if they reactivate Amazo, he would be capable of retrieving the lost powers from the depths of space like a giant magnet. (Really…?)

They prepare to transport Amazo back to Earth and program him to think he is “dying” so that he tries to steal the team’s powers. The League just has to evade capture, so they split into teams and begin a deadly game of “tag” as Amazo hunts down the League, leading to a final gambit in the team’s headquarters.

This is a silly almost Silver Age tale, that follows a well-worn tradition of tales that appeared in this book regularly. The high-stakes threat is met with the heroes splitting into groups and confronting the menace one chapter at a time. This was a recipe that would last all the way through to the modern age, with lots of writers adapting the technique, and this issue is a classic example of how it works.

In Chapter 1 the threat is established. In Chapters 2, 3, and sometimes 4, the split-up team is confronted, and often defeated before a final confrontation that leads to a conclusion.

Here we see Batman, even working at half power, defeating the super-powered villain when all the other heroes, with real superpowers, have failed.

This trope would again be one that future creative teams would hang a lot of their stories on.

This is a classic issue of JLA and it shows the creative team completely at ease with the format of the book. The story zips along quickly, despite its silly premise, and the art is clean, crisp, and detailed. Splitting the group into separate entities gives us a chance to see characters interact with other ones that they might not normally be seen with, and a baddie like Amazo allows for some great action scenes.

So after you have digested the Snyder Cut, you might be looking for some lighter fare, and JLA #112 is just what the doctor ordered.

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  • March 21, 2021 at 8:20 pm

    Wow, that really offered us an insight into JLA, thank you.

  • March 22, 2021 at 2:11 pm

    Thank you for reading.

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