Sky Rojo season 1, episode 3 recap – “A W***e’s Love”

March 19, 2021
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“A Whore’s Love” complicates the character dynamics by revealing a secret relationship, as the girls ponder what normality means to them.

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“A W***e’s Love” complicates the character dynamics by revealing a secret relationship, as the girls ponder what normality means to them.

This recap of Sky Rojo season 1, episode 3, “A W***e’s Love”, contains spoilers.

“A W***e’s Love” is a typically pacey installment of Sky Rojo, but it has a stronger thematic basis than the prior episode. Here, in an opening flashback during which Coral narrates her varied responsibilities in Romeo’s employ, including being a private tutor to his children, the idea that the show keeps returning to is one of normalcy. When your life is this much the property of someone else, when you live by a persona that has been invented for you, what is “normal” to you, or about how you see the world? To Coral, it’s the banter she enjoys with Moises, who ferries her around between tutoring sessions and threesomes and other such appointments. They listen to music and have a bit of banter. Eventually, they begin sleeping together.

To what extent is that normal? Does Coral genuinely care for Moises, or is she so used to leveraging sex that she’s acting on autopilot, just servicing another client? Does Moises care about her, or does he just see her as a hooker, someone there for his pleasure? These are compelling questions with no easy answers.

Sky Rojo episode 3 mirrors the same theme with Gina. She takes the girls to see Fernando, a client of hers who rents out bungalows and who is presumably the father of her child. She thinks they’re in a real relationship, but she also has a level of self-awareness to know that her desire to fall in love is also her eagerness to feel like a real, normal person again. It’s not subtle, but there’s a painful truth to the theme.

No sooner have the girls realized that Moises and Christian are on their tail — they almost crash into the bus — they’ve also found an opportunity to slip away when Christian starts assaulting the bus driver who confronts them. This leads him and his brother to argue about whether or not he’s back on drugs, which of course he is since he figures he might as well be — their mother scarcely recognizes him, and isn’t proud of him anyway. At this point “A W***e’s Love” throws a bit of a curveball by having Moises recommend… therapy? I guess mental health is a concern for a pimp’s enforcers, too. Moises explains that he’s still violent, as we’ve seen, but he chooses when now. I suppose it’s better than the alternative.

The girls, meanwhile, lounge around one of Fernando’s luxury spots while Gina goes to meet with him. Coral is still popping far too many veterinary pills, but as she chats with Wendy about “hooker vision”, and whether their seeing men as clients and their own abuse as normal will ever end, you can understand why. Nevertheless, she takes one pill too many and begins to numb up, getting her own “Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street” moment as she drags herself to the pool and dunks her face beneath the clear water.

Upstairs, in amongst flashbacks to how she met him and narration explaining that love stories for hookers tend to work in reverse, Gina meets with Fernando, who is visibly petrified by her presence. But he’s not too petrified, since he still finds time for sex, even after she has broken the news that she has a) escaped the brothel and is b) carrying his baby. This only reinforces the girls’ point. How are they going to shake off how others see them?

Whatever they decide, they’ll have to make it quick. Gina returns to Wendy and pretends Fernando wasn’t there — they’ve got this far on their own, and they can continue without his help. But Coral pulls her head from the pool just in time for the cliffhanger ending of Sky Rojo season 1, episode 3 — Moises and Christian have arrived.

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