One Small Problem – the ending explained

March 20, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film One Small Problem, so it will contain major spoilers. 

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Throughout most of the film, Fidel (played by Alfonso Dosal) keeps up a lie that his daughter is his sister to his romantic interest Marina (played by Regina Blandón). The reason why is because Marina makes a tough statement that she’s anti-children; she wants a life without them and has a comedic outburst about them in the middle of a restaurant.

The whole story revolves around what will happen if Marina finds out the truth — it’s a predictable romantic drama but it’s also fun, watching Fidel handle his insecurities and maintain a lie. To be fair, it was his daughter’s idea, as she knows how much he likes her.

Netflix’s One Small Problem – the ending explained

Near the ending, while Marina, Fidel, and his daughter Ari (played by Francesca Mercadante) move around a maze, Fidel suddenly panics — when he finds Ari, she calls him “Dad” and Marina hears. She knows the truth.

The following scenes show Marina extremely upset, calling Fidel and his family a group of liars who have purposefully maintained a scenario so that she wasn’t scared away. Fidel admits everything, and he has no excuse. At this point, it looks like there is a point of no return for the couple.

What happens next?

However, at the end of the film, Fidel and Ari sing on stage at an event, and Marina watches; there are emotions in the air. When Fidel learns that Marina is about to head out of town again, he gets super emotional, telling her that he’s a single father, laying out everything about his life — the truth. Marina forgives him and they kiss. Of course, Ari is a contributing factor as she bonded with Marina.

Also at the ending of One Small Problem, there’s a suggestion that Mabel and Temo pursue a romance after learning that Mabel broke up with Omar.

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