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March 23, 2021
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One of the weird things about Debris thus far is that all of the pieces of errant extra-terrestrial junk that the show concerns itself with seem to have completely different, almost random effects. From cloning to travelling between dimensions to, in the latest episode, terraforming Earth’s atmosphere, there has been no real consistency to the way this stuff behaves. That makes it virtually impossible to predict what the next one might do. Luckily, the latest episode was a turning point in the relationship between the leads, so we can hope that in Debris season 1, episode 5 there’s some direct continuation of their relationship, as well as, fingers crossed, an actual tangible knock-on effect of the discoveries made in “In Universe” and the potential applications of the debris going forwards. The promo certainly suggests the stakes are going to be expanded, but it’s deliberately light on details.

Debris season 1, episode 5, release date:

“Earthshine” will be released on NBC on March 29, 2021, at 10 pm ET/PT.

Debris season 1, episode 5 predictions:

Since the show is so slavishly devoted to its procedural format, I think it’s pretty unlikely that we’ll hear much more about the terraforming of the Earth’s atmosphere. But I’d certainly like to see it. The implications of that are massive, and the show keeps teasing that it’ll dig further into what the various governments and agencies are actually looking to do with the debris, either on the level of using it for scientific, medical, or military advancements, or figuring out something of note about the alien species responsible for it. This stuff has been thin on the ground so far, and I think the show needs it.

But inevitably the pressing question of “Earthshine” is going to be whether Finola lets on to Bryan that she knows his secret. If I were a betting man, I’d wager that she’ll keep it to herself for at least another week, but I definitely think we’ll see a gradual breakdown in their relationship because of it. They’ve always been at odds, ideologically, but now Finola has a reason to not just disagree with her partner but to actively resent him. This comes packaged with a further idea of how much she recognises the authority of her superiors, who told her explicitly to be quiet about it. We know that Bryan is going along with the CIA somewhat reluctantly because, for the most part, he agrees with the notion of the greater good and putting the many over the few; it would be in-keeping with Finola’s characterization thus far if she confronts Bryan, orders to be damned. But, again, probably not in this episode.

Beyond that, there are some details in the margins, particularly regarding what’s going on with Craig Maddox’s son. We have seem him operate off the books before — are we going to get a better sense of his reason for doing so?

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