Navillera episode 2 recap – Deok-chul has to win Lee Chae-rok’s approval

March 23, 2021
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Episode 2 kicks the story into gear as Lee Chae-rok and Deok-chul slowly bond with each other, despite the stubbornness and obstacles in their way — this is turning into a heartwarming story already.

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Episode 2 kicks the story into gear as Lee Chae-rok and Deok-chul slowly bond with each other, despite the stubbornness and obstacles in their way — this is turning into a heartwarming story already.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Navillera season 1, episode 2 contains spoilers.

After the last episode suggested a warm series for weeks to come, episode 2 sees Deok-chul having to prove himself and embed himself into a world he could not be part of until later in life.

Lee Chae-rok seems dismayed that he’s been asked to teach Sim Deok-chul ballet. Also, in a twist, Ki Seung-joo expects Deok-chul to be Lee Chae-rok’s manager. Lee Chae-rok has no say in the matter — he’s shouting into a void, but Ki Seung-joo brushes him off, explaining that he’s not a big shot and threatens to put him back to school. Lee Chae-rok agrees to do it, but with one condition — Deok-chul needs to master a difficult move in one week and hold it for 1 minute; if he manages it, he will teach him. This feels harsh, but it proves how much Deok-chul wants it.

Practising the move and working out

Deok-chul returns home and practises but ends up falling over. His wife cares for him, putting a plaster on his forehead. She wants him to talk to Seong-gwan after quitting being a doctor; she wants to persuade him back into it. The next day, Deok-chul goes for a run and works out in the backyard; he’s trying to get fit for ballet. Comically, he struggles with a bench press. His wife wonders what her husband is doing as he does crunches. Later on, Seong-gwan catches Deok-chul working out, and they catch up. Deok-chul tells him that he should tell his mother that he’s happy and that she will give in sooner or later.

Holding for 1 minute

Then, Navillera episode 2 brings a tense moment for the audience, but we should never have doubted Deok-chul.

After practising the move repeatedly, Deok-chul heads to the studio and shows Lee Chae-rok and Ki Seung-joo — he has to hold it for 1 minute. A flashback shows Deok-chul getting berated by his boss when he was a mailman. He memorised the addresses and started mailing to all the houses as expected. In the present, Deok-chul starts sweating as the timer reaches 0. He completes the move, and Lee Chae-rok is in complete shock. Later on, Deok-chul expresses how he dreams of dancing Swan Lake one day, even if it is impossible. Lee Chae-rok is still in disbelief. He then asks Lee Chae-rok where to get ballet clothes and goes to buy some.

Manager mode

Ballet training between Lee Chae-rok and Deok-chul continue. They do a stretching routine, and Ki Seung-joo smiles at them from a distance. Deok-chul goes into “manager mode” and notes the likes and dislikes for Lee Chae-rok’s diet and his behaviours at different times. Lee Chae-rok reads the diary and is surprised by how much Deok-chul has written down. They then head to the doctor, who advises that Lee Chae-rok needs to rest and do light training. Deok-chul and the doctor agree on the next arrangements. It’s funny because Deok-chul is taking the manager role very seriously; it’s like he’s a natural.

During ballet training, Lee Chae-rok goes harder on Deok-chul. As he gets water, Deok-chul watches Lee Chae-rok perform some moves, and he feels momentarily insecure. After the session, Deok-chul tries to give Lee Chae-rok some plum tea and a lift home. The pair are slowly bonding with each other.

Lee Chae-rok defends Eun-ho at work

Navillera hasn’t fleshed out the story of Eun-ho yet, but episode 2 brings in strong possibilities that she will form a friendship with Lee Chae-rok.

At work, Eun-ho has to deal with an angry and rude customer. Lee Chae-rok asks the customer to leave the restaurant before he is sued for obstruction and assault; he claims there’s a video of him throwing a napkin at Eun-ho. The customer leaves. The manager is comfortable with how the situation was dealt with. Later on, Lee Chae-rok tells Eun-ho to stop acting like a pushover and show some self-respect; Eun-ho insists she cannot quit as a full-time employee as she must succeed as an intern “no matter what”. She tells him to “shut up” before walking off. Afterwards, Eun-ho drinks wine and calls Lee Chae-rok an arsehole. Obviously, both characters do not even know how they are linked yet. Eun-ho has no idea that Lee Chae-rok is teaching her grandfather ballet.

The ending

Lee Chae-rok and Deok-chul continue to practice together; Deok-chul is improving day by day, and he even copies off Lee Chae-rok’s clothes and attire. Ki Seung-joo seems delighted as the older man becomes accustomed to the studio. On a Saturday morning, Deok-chul rings Lee Chae-rok for a “wake up call”. Lee Chae-rok decides to help his friend at a restaurant to do deliveries to customers. He jumps into Ho-beom again, who asks for a business card. But Lee Chae-rok isn’t interested and walks off. At the restaurant, Deok-chul is there, and Lee Chae-rok insists it’s not another job, and he was helping with deliveries. Deok-chul doesn’t want him to do deliveries anymore as he can’t risk getting hurt and offers to help out.

Ho-beom orders from the same restaurant, so Lee Chae-rok has to deliver the food. Ho-beom refuses to pay and throws the chopsticks in Lee Chae-rok’s head. Lee Chae-rok loses it and tells Ho-beom that he hasn’t had a good life as he must have cursed him and that his father was discharged and he doesn’t know where he is. He explains he doesn’t even know if he has a future and asks him to pay again. Lee Chae-rok threatens to report him, but as Ho-beom grabs him by the collar, Deok-chul turns up. Ironically, Deok-chul acts as the father figure in this situation.

Navillera episode 2 kicks the story into gear as Lee Chae-rok and Deok-chul slowly bond with each other, despite the stubbornness and obstacles in their way — this is turning into a heartwarming story already.

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