Hello, Me! episode 11 recap – the shaman warns of the ‘shadow of death’

March 24, 2021
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Episode 11 brings a supernatural vibe, reminding us that the younger Ha-ni is a problem as the story continues to work on its own stride.

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Episode 11 brings a supernatural vibe, reminding us that the younger Ha-ni is a problem as the story continues to work on its own stride.

This recap of the K-Drama Netflix series Hello, Me! episode 11 contains spoilers.

The old cellphone went off in the last chapter, but episode 11 opens up with Ha-ni (teen) admiring her older self and her haircut. At work, Han Yu-hyeon likes her new look. It’s the presentation day of the product contest, and Han Yu-hyeon wishes her luck.

The old cellphone goes off again, and Ha-ni (teen) picks it up. Before she can answer it, Ha-yeong comes over and drops off food.

The presentation

Hello, Me! episode 11 demonstrates how far Ha-ni has come since the first episode — she’s a glowing confident woman.

Ha-ni represents the Product Development Team, and she realises for the first time that Ji-man is the chairman of the company, which catches her off guard. She references the Squid-good incident and links it to lactose intolerance. She has come up with a gluten-free snack. Ha-ni then explains her experiences with snacks when growing up and how they always bettered her mood and gave her joy. It’s a brilliant presentation.

Han Yu-hyeon notices the many similarities

Episode 11 sees another character coming to terms that the young girl may not be Ha-ni’s daughter and that there’s more too it.

Han Yu-hyeon has a meal with both Ha-nis and noticed how they are both alike. To stop the conversation from progressing, Ha-ni (teen) drops food on herself. As both Ha-nis head outside, Han Yu-hyeon noticed a text on Ha-ni’s phone with a shaman warning them that rain is coming and she should visit him with “the girl from the past”.

It’s going to rain

And on a rare occasion, Hello, Me! episode 11 brings an escalation of drama.

Ha-nis learn about the rain so urgently head over to the shaman. They are starting to realise that they are going to miss each other. Suddenly, Han Yu-hyeon picks up Ha-ni’s phone, and the shaman warns them not to come to his because it’s dangerous. It’s starting to dawn on Han Yu-hyeon that there’s more to the young girl than he thought. Han Yu-hyeon heads over to save them.

The taxi driver is unsure how to get to the shaman’s location, which worries the Ha-nis. Meanwhile, Ha-ni’s grandmother is panicking, and her family is calming her down. She can sense that Ha-nis are heading for danger. In the taxi, Ha-ni suddenly realises she doesn’t have her phone. Han Yu-hyeon rings Ha-ni’s (teen) phone and tells them to meet him.

In the hospital

It starts to rain, and the taxi driver starts to shake and the car crashes. While unconscious, Ha-ni (teen) remembers being on her father’s shoulders. Both Ha-nis end up in the hospital, and Han Yu-hyeon looks at them both in bed, and it’s sinking in that they might be the same person. The shaman is also there, and he tells them there’s a problem — while Ha-ni (teen) is asleep, he explains that the reason she came to meet Ha-ni from 20 years ago is that someone desperately wanted them to meet. He states that since Ha-ni (teen) has arrived, the world has lost its balance. The same two people aren’t allowed to exist together, and one has to go — he explains that yesterday’s accident after the rain was the “shadow of death.” This changes the story completely.

Han Yu-hyeon chases after the shaman and asks how do they send the young girl back. He tells him he will try and find a way but that they should wait until he figures it out. Later on, Ha-ni gives a genuine thank you to Han Yu-hyeon for all his help.

Ms Han is plotting

In another side plot, we see that Joa Confectionary has a power struggle.

Ms Han is taking a particular interest in Han Yu-hyeon and his involvement with Ha-ni. She asks Oh Ji-eun for help. She wants to take back everything she has lost from the company for the family (her, Do-yun, Oh Ji-eun and Ms Han). Later in the evening, Oh Ji-eun logs into Ha-ni’s computer. She uses memories with Ha-ni to remember her password.

The ending

Ha-ni (teen) tells Ha-ni that her grandmother told her to pick up the old cellphone at all costs if she wants to live. The next day, Ha-ni learns that she won the in-house contest, and everyone celebrates with her. The Inspection Division walk in, and they request to talk to Ha-ni. They visit Han Yu-hyeon as well. They are accusing her of plagiarizing an idea. Oh Ji-eun has set up Ha-ni.

Hello, Me! episode 11 brings a supernatural vibe, reminding us that the younger Ha-ni is a problem as the story continues to work on its own stride.

Additional points
  • Anthony is feeling lovesick because he can’t stop thinking about Ha-ni’s smile.
  • Do-yun learns that Ji-man is losing his eyesight.
  • Ha-yeong can sense that the young girl is not Ha-ni’s daughter.

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