Hello, Me! episode 12 recap – a corporate showdown at Joa Confectionery

March 25, 2021
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Episode 12 puts a new villain in the limelight as a corporate showdown is underway. With each chapter passing, a more serious tone is displayed, which really benefits this k-drama series.

This recap of the K-Drama Netflix series Hello, Me! episode 12 contains spoilers.

After the events of the last episode, Oh Ji-eun is disappointed with what she’s done to Ha-ni; she’s under investigation for plagiarizing her idea at the product contest. It’s a complete set-up orchestrated by Ms Han, who is attempting to gain control of the company by taking it off Ji-man. Han Yu-hyeon is also under investigation because he helped Ha-ni with the product. Do-yun is concerned and wants to lead the investigation, but Ms Han believes it’s a conflict of interest because Han Yu-hyeon is his cousin.

During the investigation, Ha-ni is shown a product that is about to be released by the company’s rival. She’s confused as to why it’s the same product that she thought of. Han Yu-hyeon tells the investigators that Ha-ni is not the type of person to do this.

Ha-ni (teen) gives Anthony a pep talk

The more episodes that pass, the more we warm to Anthony, who came across as silly and ridiculous in the earlier chapters.

Anthony is on edge for an audition, so Ha-ni (teen) asks why he’s being awful to everyone. He tells her this is his last chance. Ha-ni (teen) reminds Anthony that there’s nothing wrong if your childhood dream doesn’t come true and that you can still be proud — she’s thinking of her future self when she says this. Anthony feels motivated by this pep talk and gives his audition his all.

The day gets to Ha-ni

Later in the night, Ha-ni realises her younger self isn’t home, and she panics, looking around the local area. When she returns home, Ha-ni (teen) is enjoying dinner. Her anxiety gets the better of her, and she berates her young self. She heads outside, and Han Yu-hyeon comforts her; it feels like an injustice that Ms Han has set her up — there’s a weight of sympathy for the character.

Something doesn’t add up

However, Hello, Me! episode 12 proves that Ha-ni is trusted, as some characters do not believe the claims add-up.

When Oh Ji-eun gets home, her husband Do-yun asks her if she knows anything about the plagiarism investigation. He can sense something is wrong. Meanwhile, Han Yu-hyeon looks at the rival confectionery proposal, and he notices how it’s extremely similar.

Do-yun tries to meet the team manager regarding the investigation, but Ms Han stops him. Han Yu-hyeon also queries a colleague; he wants to know how he knew the name of the rival confectionery company (Geoseong) before he brought it up. Do-yun and Han Yu-hyeon know there’s something fishy afoot. Ms Han admits to Do-yun that she set the whole thing up because she will not allow anything to get in the way of taking over Joa Confectionery; she knows Ji-man is going blind. Do-yun is ashamed of his mother.

Han Yu-hyeon speaks to Do-yun about his aunt Ms Han. He believes the entire plagiarism investigation was a setup. Do-yun sticks up for his mother, even though he knows what she did.

Reversing the set-up

Sometimes guilt gets the better of people, and episode 12 sees that happening to Oh Ji-eun.

The next day, Ms Han is frustrated because the investigation team has found no evidence of plagiarism. The next scenes show Oh Ji-eun had a change of heart and deleted all the fake documents that made Ha-ni look like she plagiarized. Meanwhile, Oh Ji-eun joins Ha-ni for dinner and reveals she is pregnant. At the end of the evening, Ha-ni apologises for hurting her in the past when she tried supporting her in the hospital.

Protecting the family

Another twist in episode 12 supports how deceptive Ms Han is — she’s playing the long game.

Do-yun confronts her mother late in the evening and admits that she’s finally won; he wants to know what he needs to do to protect her and Oh Ji-eun. He has removed all traces of her recent corrupt activities and asks her to run things by him in the future. But little does Do-yun know that this was all part of the plan to get him to protect the family at all costs. Ms Han has him right where she needs him.

The ending

Anthony heads over to Ha-ni’s apartment and asks if they’d like to go on a picnic. Ha-ni also invites Han Yu-hyeon, much to the displeasure of Anthony. The cheerful love triangle continues. Anthony learns that he got the part in the new drama at the picnic and thanks Ha-ni (teen) for her support. The group all celebrate.

Ji-man learns of a problem and turns on the news. Apparently, metallic substances were found in Mom’s Love, a popular baby snack made by Joa Confectionery, and there’s an investigation. Ms Han has plotted all this. The stress is impacting Ji-man’s health. Han Yu-hyeon receives distressing news about his father and rushes over to the hospital to see him.

When Ha-ni and her younger self return home, their mother is waiting for them.

Hello, Me! episode 12 puts a new villain in the limelight as a corporate showdown is underway. With each chapter passing, a more serious tone is displayed, which really benefits this k-drama series.

Additional points
  • Ji-man feels under the weather, so his son Han Yu-hyeon spends time with him to see if he’s okay.
  • Ha-yeong looks at old photos of Ha-ni, and she is curious about who the young girl is. Her mother had the same feeling. They are suspicious because Ha-ni has never been pregnant, so the young girl can’t be her daughter.

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