Mark Millar’s Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem Set For June

March 30, 2021 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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This article contains some minor spoilers for Jupiter’s Legacy and potentially for Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem.

Mark Millar made a deal with Netflix back in 2017 that gave the streaming platform rights to his creator-owned properties. Recently, news dropped that his hit mini-series Jupiter’s Legacy would be among the first of his books to be turned into a show, and the tale of superheroes, and their children, seems a sure-fire hit for fans of the genre that like their heroes to be dark and complicated. Millar has announced that Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem will be a 12 issue series, and will be a conclusion to the epic story that he began almost 10 years ago.

The story will pick up where the previous one ended, with Hutch and Chloe married and having more children. Superheroes are now a part of the everyday landscape and have integrated into society creating an Eden-like world. However, all is not as it seems in this utopia and it is only a matter of time before the mysterious island that grants their powers rears its head and threatens to destroy them all.

Millar has said that Jupiter’s Legacy is his favorite book, and fans of the story probably agree. The latest 12-issue series will be drawn by Tommy Lee Edwards, who follows in the footsteps of previous artists Frank Quitely and Wilfredo Torres.

The TV adaptation of the first series is set to drop on May 7th, and the comic book conclusion will be on stands from June the 16th. The story spans the decades, starting in the ’30s and moving forward as it goes, so it seems there are aspects of Watchmen in the premise. As well as that, many compare the tone to The Boys, another popular show based on a comic that shows a darker side to having a world populated with superhumans.

Jupiter’s Legacy will be the first of the Millarworld adaptations, and fans of the Scottish writer can look forward to more Netflix series based on his work in the future. So far American Jesus has been named, and there may be a possibility that we could see films based on other books including Huck, Reborn, and Empress.

The comic book is open for pre-ordering now.

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