Navillera episode 4 recap – Deok-chul has to face his family over ballet

March 30, 2021
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Episode 4 puts the family’s traditions on the line as Deok-chul tries to make a stand for his desires for ballet in an emotionally driven chapter.

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Episode 4 puts the family’s traditions on the line as Deok-chul tries to make a stand for his desires for ballet in an emotionally driven chapter.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Navillera season 1, episode 4 contains spoilers.

Deok-chul had a massive moment in episode 3 — he sent a photo of him doing ballet to all his family. Navillera episode 4 sees his wife wanting him home immediately and the family wanting an emergency meeting. As Deok-chul leaves the studio, Chae-rok asks him to be confident. And the family meeting convenes; some collectively hate the idea that Deok-chul is partaking in ballet, but others, including son Seong-gwan, don’t see the problem with it. Privately, Ae-ran speaks to Deok-chul about the time he helped with her baby daughter Eun-ho while she was on the balcony crying. She tells him not to give up. Later in the night, Deok-chul gets into bed with his wife, but she quickly leaves.

Competition piece and words of advice for Deok-chul

As for Chae-rok, in episode 3, he decided to enter a prestigious competition, so episode 4 sees the character having to make decisions.

Ki Seung-joo tells Chae-rok that he needs to pick a piece for the competition. They agree on a schedule of pieces. As he leaves his meeting with Ki Seung-joo, Chae-rok wonders if Deok-chul got permission from his family. He meets up with his manager and tells him that the family is going through the five stages of grief and asks him to hang in there.

A competition doctor and leaving part-time work

The pair practice. They are bonding, and Ki Seung-joo notices how close they are from a distance. Deok-chul wants Chae-rok to have a competition physician and asks a doctor for help. Later on, Chae-rok quits his part-time work because of the competition, and Eun-ho overhears. She seems a little sad about it. Eun-ho speaks to Chae-rok about her grandfather doing ballet. Chae-rok tells her that he also knows of a grandfather trying out ballet and gives her confidence that he can do it. It’s sweet that neither of them knows yet that they are on about the same person.

The tale of the two sons

In practice, Deok-chul strains his back and wants to return home; Chae-rok helps him. Deok-chul admits his family problems are bothering him. On the way home, they bump into Seong-gwan and Chae-rok is introduced to Deok-chul’s son. Deok-chul tells them both to get on a bus while he makes it home. On the bus, Seong-gwan tells Chae-rok to take good care of his father.

Meanwhile, another one of Deok-chul’s sons (Seong-san) tells Ki Seung-joo to drop his father from ballet. Ki Seung-joo stands firm stating that it’s up to Deok-chul whether he quits or not. Chae-rok walks in and “accidentally” spills a drink over him.

The family toxicity over this issue is overwhelming, and we cannot help feel sympathy for Deok-chul, who wants to achieve one dream in his life.

The wife finally speaks

And it gets worse for Deok-chul.

Every time Deok-chul goes home to his wife Hae-nam, she ignores him, and it’s taking a toll. Eventually, she sees he has strained his back, and Deok-chul apologises. Hae-nam tells him to quit and not be a burden for his children. Deok-chul gives in and promises to quit. The next day, a couple of their children come around, and Deok-chul is a little zoned out, but he joins the family for a hike. As he walks, Chae-rok rings him and he has to painfully tell him that he’s quit. His family ask him to hurry, so he puts the phone down. At the studio, Chae-rok is downbeat as Ki Seung-joo asks where Deok-chul is.

Relive the moment Deok-chul impressed Chae-rok and became his student:

The real issue with Ho-beom

Navillera episode 4 finally provides Ho-beom’s personal issue with Chae-rok.

Chae-rok speaks to Ho-beom and his gang of friends. He tells him he can’t torment him anymore and will not waste his talent; he explains that he will win the Grand Prix. The root of the issue is then revealed; the football team Ho-beom played for was disbanded because of Chae-rok’s father. Chae-rok asks Ho-beom if he was good enough and queries why he wasn’t scouted. He thinks he shouldn’t have given up. Ho-beom raises his fist, but Chae-rok walks away. This feels like a resolved issue, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it returns.

Seong-san’s harsh words

And then the pivotal moment of episode 4 arrives, which brings tears to our eyes.

Deok-chul puts on his ballet clothes, but his son Seong-san catches him. Seong-san is furious and explains how much he’s had to give up on his life and that this is the first time he’s asked for a favour. The son’s words turn cruel, and he tells Deok-chul that he carried all the burden while his father lived comfortably. At this point, Hae-nam comes home and whacks her son Seong-san on the head for his wicked words. She tells him that her husband never lived comfortably and did everything he could for the family. The emotions fill the room as the wife cries, and she collapses to the floor.

Permission at last

At breakfast the next day, Deok-chul’s wife Hae-nam tells Deok-chul that he can do ballet if he wants too and a smile stretches on his face. He heads to the studio, and everyone congratulates him. Deok-chul asks Chae-rok for a favour — to drive his old car to Eun-ho. Deok-chul is giving it to her as a surprise for getting her first job.

The ending

Deok-chul meets Eun-ho, and Chae-rok drives the old car around the corner clumsily. As Chae-rok leaves the car, he sees Eun-ho. It suddenly dawns on Eun-ho that the grandfather Chae-rok was on about is Deok-chul. They all sit down, and Deok-chul is happy that they are friends.

As Eun-ho drives in her grandfather’s old car, she tells Chae-rok to look after Deok-chul. The next day, Eun-ho learns that she got a C in her evaluation for the job interview, and she’s been disqualified. Deok-chul and Chae-rok walk in as this is happening.

Navillera episode 4 puts the family’s traditions on the line as Deok-chul tries to make a stand for his desires for ballet in an emotionally driven chapter.

Additional points
  • Chae-rok is called into the studio and is asked to compete against Sang-su.

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