Hello, Me! episode 14 recap – taking back the company

April 1, 2021
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K-Drama Netflix series Hello Me episode 14


Episode 14 brings the story to a natural checkpoint as the characters have plenty to resolve for the final two chapters.

This recap of the K-Drama Netflix series Hello, Me! episode 14 contains spoilers.

Everything looked to be over for Ji-man in the last chapter, but episode 14 gives a twist. During a restructuring meeting at the board. Han Yu-hyeon walks in and votes against the proposal. He’s suited and booted. Ms Han asks for Han Yu-hyeon to be escorted out, but then Ji-man is brought in, and he disbands the board meeting. Ji-man accepts that Do-yun couldn’t make an enemy of his mother; he’s understanding about the situation. Flashbacks show Han Yu-hyeon warning Ji-man about the restructure, and he tells his father this look doesn’t look good on him. The men get emotional with each other as Ji-man admits he’s going blind. Han Yu-hyeon doesn’t care and wants him to make use of his healthy son. It’s heartwarming to see how they’ve repaired their relationship.

Ji-man is disgusted at the monster

Hello, Me! episode 14 shows a brief fightback from Ji-man before it gets complicated.

In the present day, Ji-man tells Ms Han that her time is done. Ms Han resists and tells Ji-man that he has unrealistic ideals and talks about replaceable cogs in the system. Ji-man states he’s happy he doesn’t have to see the monster she’s turned into. Ms Han heads into her office, and she’s furious. Do-yun asks her to calm down, but she can’t contain her anger. He suggests that they fight for the company, but officially.

The real Han Yu-hyeon

Ha-ni and the others learn that the restructure was opposed by the chairman and the son. In a moment of shock, Ha-ni sees that the chairman’s son is Han Yu-hyeon. Ha-ni’s world slows down as she sees him walk through the office in a suit.

Confiding with Ha-ni

Han Yu-hyeon visits Ha-ni later on. He explains how he was hurt by the people he loved, and he realised who he cared about the most. Ha-ni tells him that he should have texted her. Han Yu-hyeon tells her that one day he will tell her everything.

Shareholders meeting

Episode 14 turns very corporate as the fight to save the company from the evil hands of Ms Han continues.

There’s a shareholders meeting coming up organised by Ms Han. Ji-man’s position is at risk, so Han Yu-hyeon asks Mr Kim how they can save this situation. Han Yu-hyeon gathers all the minority shareholders to try and turn the tide. He gets the employees to campaign to get them on their side to oppose Ms Han’s takeover. Ma Han is furious again, but Do-yun tells her that she hasn’t won the employee’s hearts. Ms Han believes the small shares will not change anything.

Anthony is exposed

During a press conference, Anthony is asked if he quit school due to bullying students. The journalist asking the question is revealed to be the one of the bullied. The journalist reveals Anthony to be Chun-sik. He shows how much plastic surgery Anthony has gone through. Ha-ni (teen) sees on the media that Anthony has been exposed as a bully.

At Joa Confectionery, it’s revealed that Anthony is being exposed as a bully, and Ha-ni is in shock. Ha-ni tells Oh Ji-eun that now she’s older, she’s realised they have to take responsibility for their own life. Oh Ji-eun tells Ha-ni that she’s grown into an amazing adult. Ha-ni (teen) checks up on Anthony. She tells him that he should apologise and not hide from his past.

The ending

Believing her mother is seeing her father, Ha-ni (teen) follows her. When she reaches the destination, she sees her mother at her father’s memorial. Her mother sees her, and she’s in complete shock. Ha-ni (teen) sees the memorial, and her world collapses. The secret is officially out.

Before the shareholders meeting, Oh Ji-eun asks Do-yun to stop what he’s doing. Do-yun says he has to protect his mother and that by doing this, he protects her. Oh Ji-eun reveals she didn’t go ahead with the plagiarism scandal as it wasn’t the right thing to do for the family. Do-yun tells her he still can’t stop from here. Oh Ji-eun asks him again to stop the shareholders’ plans, knowing that this is going to hurt him.

Hello, Me! episode 14 brings the story to a natural checkpoint as the characters have plenty to resolve for the final two chapters.

Additional points
  • Oh Ji-eun learns that the fetus inside her is smaller than usual and asks her to be less stressed.
  • To blow off some steam, Ha-ni and Han Yu-hyeon go to a karaoke booth and eat at the market stalls.
  • Seong-u tells his mother, Ha-yeong, that he loves Ha-ni (teen). Ha-yeong explodes at him, realising the situation.

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