Just Say Yes ending explained – who does Lotte end up with?

April 3, 2021
Jonathon Wilson 0
Ending Explained, Netflix

This article contains major spoilers for the Just Say Yes ending.

Just Say Yes is a very predictable film — most viewers will be able to work out exactly where it’s going after the first twenty minutes. But it also has its fair share of subplots, some of which tie into the main love triangle and some of which need to be dealt with in a coda, so for the sake of convenience, let’s just go over things in the kind of quick, breezy style the film would probably respect.

First, Lotte — who does she end up with? Well, that’s the hook of the film, but it’s easy to figure out that Chris is better for her than Alex, despite his multiple subsequent proposals after cancelling their wedding in the first place. True to form, some come on the back of events that there is no way of forgiving him for, such as his secret relationship with Kim, and it’s Estelle’s knowledge of that fling that acts as the main catalyst for the big blowout at her wedding during the final act.

This all occurs after the film has caught up to its framing device, and Lotte has been driven to Estelle and John’s wedding, ready to spill some tea. A nasty argument occurs during which Lotte reveals that Estelle hates opera and kids and threw John’s wife’s ashes in the bin, which dampens the romance somewhat and causes a major rift between the sisters. Lotte is in everyone’s bad books — even her chaperone abandons her — and she’s left crying on the lawn. But that doesn’t tie things up, does it? First, we have a reconciliation between the sisters in a welcomely frank conversation, which leads to Estelle and John getting their moment after all (not to mention Lotte’s “Just Say Yes” show idea coming to fruition at the same time.)

That leaves Lotte to try and catch Chris before he departs for New York, which she manages to do… only for the film to reveal that this is just a dream sequence — she never made it to him in time. This would have probably been quite a subversive ending, but Just Say Yes instead opts for a happy one, since Chris turns up at Estelle and John’s proper wedding.

As for everyone else, well, the Just Say Yes ending spares time for them too in a quick round-up. Pam stays single and exposes the hunky Captain Daan as a philanderer (he and his wife are the parents of a child in her class,) and Guusje clears things up with Dirk. All’s well that ends well in rom-com land, but you didn’t need me to tell you that.

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