Navillera episode 5 recap – searching for happiness

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 5, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Navillera season 1, episode 5


Episode 5 reminds viewers of the meaning of looking for happiness and the warmness that comes from looking out for each other.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Navillera season 1, episode 5 contains spoilers.

To begin proceedings, Eun-ho is upset because she has lost her job after not doing well on the exam. When she sees her grandfather in the background, she runs off upset, so Chae-rok runs after her. The manager calls Eun-ho pathetic, so Sim Deok-chul sticks up for her granddaughter. Chae-rok eventually finds Eun-ho near the bridge. He tells her to find out what she loves and to go for it. Eun-ho looks absorbed by his words. This is a wonderful message to start the chapter; we live in a generation where we do not seek happiness by going for work we do not want.

When Eun-ho returns home, she’s berated by her father, Seong-san, for not making it for the jobs. He gives her a list of companies hiring and asks her to apply. Eun-ho tells her father that she’s not doing it. The father and daughter end up in an intense argument where they misunderstand each other. Eun-ho questions how much her father knows about her. She vows to find out what makes her happy.

Harsh practice and a medical reality

In ballet practice, Ki Seung-joo is harsh on Chae-rok — the video submission for the competition is coming up, so there’s pressure to do a brilliant montage. Meanwhile, Deok-chul meets his doctor and has concerns that his body cannot keep up — he believes he’s running out of time.

Ki Seung-joo asks Deok-chul to move on

Deok-chul receives a reality check in Navillera episode 5…

Chae-rok is still competing against Sang-su, and he is feeling the heat. After his performance, Sang-su joins the floor and dances with Bom. Afterwards, Chae-rok lashes out and Deok-chul and tells him to help him as a manager.

Ki Seung-joo sees the argument and talks to Deok-chul — he tells him he’s impatient and seems to be in a rush to learn ballet. He asks him to find a new ballet class because the basic practice he’s doing now is meaningless and that learning ballet half-heartedly is stumping Chae-rok. Deok-chul apologises for making a mistake. When Deok-chul returns home, he feels foolish for trying to rush ballet, but his wife Hae-nam tells him to take his time.

The next day, Chae-rok speaks to Deok-chul and asks him why he isn’t setting foot inside the studio. Chae-rok tells him to enjoy the ballet and have fun. Deok-chul explains that he isn’t in this as a hobby and that he has his goals — he apologises for pestering and being impatient.

“You will make it”

Deok-chul shows his granddaughter Eun-ho some of his learned ballet moves. Chae-rok joins them and apologises to Deok-chul. After practice, Deok-chul notices Chae-rok’s worn feet and puts plasters on for him. He tells him he works so hard so he will make it — he encourages him to trust himself. As Chae-rok dances, Deok-chul records him.

Visiting Deok-chul’s home

Episode 5 then brings a heartwarming sequence of togetherness that reminds viewers of the importance of family.

Deok-chul introduces Chae-rok to his wife, and he joins them for dinner. There’s a warm feeling to the gathering, and Chae-rok shows Hae-nam a few of his ballet moves. Hae-nam tells Chae-rok that she’s never seen her husband so excited in his life. Chae-rok keeps looking at his phone, and he looks anxious — they give him a bed to nap in. When he wakes up, they offer him another sit-down meal. In the evening, they all watch television together.

The ending

Chae-rok thanks Deok-chul for the hospitality and states that it reminds him of his family. Deok-chul tells the boy to ring his father. Before he goes home, Chae-rok tells Deok-chul that he passed the video submission and will be moving to the next round.

Chae-rok takes Deok-chul’s advice and rings his father — he tells him he’s entering a competition and that he’s passed the first round. The father wants to watch it, so Chae-rok tells him to see it online. When Deok-chul heads inside, he sees that Chae-rok has forgotten his jacket. Meanwhile, Chae-rok is facing Ho-beom again. He’s an itch that will not go away.

Navillera episode 5 reminds viewers of the meaning of looking for happiness and the warmness that comes from looking out for each other.

The Ballet Diaries
  • Hae-nam has come round to her husband doing ballet and has bought him a range of vitamins and ailments to help him out.

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