Hello, Me! episode 15 recap – Han Yu-hyeon recognises Ha-ni’s father

April 7, 2021
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Episode 15 manages to keep the story sustained as it enters its final week — how will they send the younger Ha-ni back?

This recap of the K-Drama Netflix series Hello, Me! episode 15 contains spoilers.

It’s been a ride, but this is the final week of Hello, Me!. As we ponder over episode 15, I’ll never forget the earlier episodes that were extremely frustrating. The writing evolved eventually, and despite its lack of viewership, it’s turned into a satisfactory story.

Episode 15, the penultimate chapter, opens with the younger Ha-ni facing a harsh reality — her father is dead; she finds her mother at his memorial. And then she realises when it happened — he died on the day she ran out in the rain due to a tantrum, and her father followed her, and consequently, was run over. The younger Ha-ni cries in despair, blaming the whole situation on herself. Her mother comforts her and insists she is not to blame.

Shareholder results

Hello, Me! episode 15 kept audiences anxious for a short while over the future of Joa Confectionery.

At the offices, everyone waits patiently for the outcome of the shareholder meeting. Ji-man is worried that someone will end up hurt after the results. Han Yu-hyeon reveals to his colleagues that they won — Ji-man will remain chairman. Amongst celebrations, Han Yu-hyeon realises Ha-ni isn’t there and tries ringing her.

Do-yun stops his mother from becoming a monster

But in a surprise twist, Do-yun did something that hurts him, but he had to do it.

Ms Han is furious and tells Ji-man that this isn’t the end. Do-yun tells his mother to stop, but she blames him as well. Suddenly, the police arrive and arrest Ms Han for stock price manipulation. She feels betrayed when she realises her son Do-yun alerted the police. It looks like Do-yun listened to his wife Oh Ji-eun after all. Do-yun is under a considerable amount of emotional stress, and Ji-man apologises to him. Do-yun explains that it was the only way he could stop her from being a monster.

You are not to blame

Ha-ni meets up with the younger version of herself. The younger Ha-ni tells her that she will go back in the past and save her father. The mother tells her to stop talking like that because her father died protecting her and that she would have done the same thing — she repeats that she is not to blame. The older Ha-ni is touched by her mother’s words as well. The mother apologises for not telling them both this 20 years ago. It feels like the story has taken a full emotional circle — this was touching.

Checking in Ha-ni

Han Yu-hyeon checks on Ha-ni as she seems down. She tells him about her father’s memorial and that it was an emotional time — she admits it was hard facing her father after avoiding it for years. Han Yu-hyeon explains he felt the same with his mother. He holds Ha-ni’s hand. She thanks Han Yu-hyeon and tells him she must find a way to take her younger self back to the past to repay her. As they walk around the corner, they see Anthony — he’s down in the dumps and wants to talk to Ha-ni. Han Yu-hyeon leaves them both to it. Ha-ni explains that once she stopped avoiding the past and took the courage to face it, she felt better. Anthony likes her wise words.

It looks like the younger Ha-ni has had a resounding impact on all these characters.

A call from father

Ha-ni’s old cellphone goes off. The older Ha-ni answers it, and it’s her father. He says he wanted to help but ended up putting her in danger. He tells her that she must find a way back. Han Yu-hyeon is confused because her father has passed away. Suddenly, the phone says “7 Days Left”. It’s Ha-ni’s birthday in 7 days.

Meeting the shaman

Hello, Me! episode 15 sees the sci-fi/spiritual element return, which is no surprise considering there needs to be a conclusion for the younger Ha-ni.

Han Yu-hyeon offers to drive both the younger and older Ha-ni to the shaman. On the way, Ha-ni asks her younger self if she has the talisman. When they look at it, it’s going mouldy and dark, like it’s disappearing. The older Ha-ni reveals their father called and told them to find a way to get back. They meet the shaman and show him the phone that says “6 days left”.

The younger Ha-ni asks if she can save her father if she goes back in time, but the shaman says “no”.

The father sent younger Ha-ni as a gift

But as the episode keeps progressing, there’s this urgency to understand why the father sent younger Ha-ni to the future, and answers come. Ha-ni tells her mother and sister that her father sent her younger self as a gift. Meanwhile, the younger Ha-ni listens to an old tape of her father and sobs. She tells the older Ha-ni that she fears going back and her father dying. The older Ha-ni tells her that her father sent her to the future because her life had been ruined, and he wanted to remind her what she used to be like.

Anthony carries out a conference

Anthony decides to hold a press conference to face his past self. He doesn’t read off a sheet and admits to all accusations of bullying — he apologises to everyone he has hurt. To end his statement, he announces he is leaving the entertainment industry. This was a brave move from the actor — he has come a long way since episode 1.

A sons pledge

In prison, Do-yun tells his mother, Ms Han, that he promises he will make sure that she isn’t lonely and that he and Oh Ji-eun will wait for her until she comes out. He holds her hand, and she’s in shock — the emotions overriding her. There is more to life than business. Family is important.

The ending

Han Yu-hyeon visits the shaman as he wants to help Ha-ni. The shaman tells Han Yu-hyeon to be by her side as she will feel burdened and that he must shed some light.

Late in the night, Han Yu-hyeon visits Ha-ni, and he has a gift — he reveals it’s his birthday soon, but he wants to surprise them. He brings a cake. Han Yu-hyeon checks out photos that Ha-ni’s father took — he recognises their father.

Hello, Me! episode 15 manages to keep the story sustained as it enters its final week — how will they send the younger Ha-ni back?

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