Them season 1, episode 7 recap – what happened in “DAY 7: NIGHT”?

April 9, 2021
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Episode 7 continues to escalate the situation as all the issues that drive the story are beginning to hurt each family member.

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Episode 7 continues to escalate the situation as all the issues that drive the story are beginning to hurt each family member.

This recap of Amazon’s Them season 1, episode 7, “DAY 7: NIGHT”, contains spoilers.

Something is lurking in East Compton, and episode 7 sees Lucky and Henry come to terms that they must leave; their past, their trauma and the vicious racism they are experiencing is now a cyclical horror.

Them season 1, episode 7 opens with Henry knocking a white man unconscious on the pavement before sneaking into his boss’s house wielding a gun. He finds a woman smoking a cigarette while on the phone, and he decides to look around the house even more.

George agrees to “deal with it.”

Betty meets up with George; she’s frantic and on-edge. She tells him that he’s a man that can “do things” — Betty asks for the black family to be gone. George learns that Lucky slapped her, and Betty slowly convinces him to help. He agrees to do it. Meanwhile, Lucky starts packing up at home and Gracie wonders if it’s because of her.

Sinister George

But it turns out George is now just in love with Betty; he’s a monster himself.

Clarke is worried that the black family has done something to Betty; however, police officer John doesn’t believe that’s the case. Meanwhile, Betty tells George that she wants to see him do what he’s about to do. George is happy that this moment has finally come. Betty is sleepy and slipping into unconsciousness — George tells her he gave her too much and kisses her hand.

Let it go, Lucky

The experiences are getting more and more intense in episode 7.

Lucky sees Hazel about wanting to move out for a while. Hazel tells her that fleeing is not going to bring Chester back and grabs a photo of him. Lucky starts to cry as Hazel puts her arm around her and tells her to let it go. Hazel continues to talk to her and explains that Heaven waits for them and that on this world, they want to kill their black children. It turns into a rallying cry as Hazel tells her they should do work for the Father. When Gracie asks her mother who she’s praying with, it’s clear Lucky isn’t speaking to someone who is present — she turns around to see a disfigured woman looking at her.

Meanwhile, Henry is still talking to the Da Tap Dance Man — he’s completely under his words, and it’s a similar rallying cry. It’s all about taking control of the trauma, the past and the viciousness of the white community.

Being white

At school, Ruby tells Doris that she doesn’t want to be like “them” anymore, referring to her family — she believes she is ugly and wants to be beautiful like Doris. Ruby kisses Doris, and when she opens her eyes, her hands are white. When she looks in the mirror, her eyes are blue. Suddenly, Doris disappears. Ruby looks over at the white paint. She pours paint over herself and then joins a school social event. Everyone looks at her in shock as she dances near the fire.

Lucky wields the axe

Lucky brings Gracie down into the basement; the mother picks up an axe and tells her she needs to save her. A man with a top hat stands behind Gracie. The young girl starts making her way up the stairs. Lucky asks her if she misses her brother — Gracie gets increasingly anxious. Lucky tries to use the axe to hit Gracie, but she moves out of the way. The mother snaps out of it and says it was Miss Vera doing this to her. Ruby shows up, covered in paint, and she says something is wrong with her.

It’s at this point that the family realise that there is something terribly wrong with the neighbourhood.

“Bad things happen”

Officer John asks Henry if he knows anything about Betty. The Da Tap Dance Man smiles at Henry as he says that “bad things happen” and that he doesn’t want to spread rumours. The police officer says he will talk to his wife instead. Henry shoots the police officer and says, “I told you bad things happen”.

The ending

Lucky is scrubbing the white paint off her daughter Ruby. Henry walks in and tells Lucky that they have to leave immediately. Henry gathers his daughters and apologises to them. Meanwhile, one of the men across the road is wielding a gun, and Clarke stops him from crossing. Lucky calls out to Henry, but he’s too consumed by the little wooden box that says “C.E” (for Chester). He opens it up and takes out the body of a dead baby, and brings it outside while sobbing. Henry asks her why Chester is in the box. Lucky tells him she couldn’t leave him and apologises. It feels like the parents are grieving together for the first time.

Them season 1, episode 7 continues to escalate the situation as all the issues that drive the story are beginning to hurt each family member.

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