Them season 1, episode 9 recap – what happened in “DAY 9”?

April 9, 2021 (Last updated: April 10, 2021)
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The evil is transparent and flagrant in the story as episode 9 puts the family through the motions as they deal with it.

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The evil is transparent and flagrant in the story as episode 9 puts the family through the motions as they deal with it.

This recap of Amazon’s Them season 1, episode 9, “DAY 9”, contains spoilers.

UPDATE [April 10, 2021] — When Ready Steady Cut were provided screeners for Them, ” DAY 9″ was episode 9. Since Amazon aired the series, episode 9 is now episode 8 and vice versa. We apologise for the confusion, and we will reformat and edit the article shortly to reflect the correct episode order. For episode 9, please click this link.

Now that we understand what exactly curses the town the Emory family live in, the series is reaching a natural finale.

Episode 9 opens up with Lucky in a mental facility. A doctor tells her not to get too excited. Henry is told by the facility doctor that prison is not the right place for his wife and that she needs treatment — the authorities got wind of the dead baby in the small box. He wants to visit his wife, but the doctor explains that he will only agitate her at the moment. She tells Henry to focus on his daughters.

George has set a place up for Betty

Betty’s demise continues in episode 9 — she feared black people, but she didn’t consider that she needed to fear George.

Betty wakes up, and George gets her a cup of tea. He asks her if she recognises the wallpaper and how he was determined to find the same pattern as her house. He’s also bought her clothes. Betty looks concerned, but George tells her not to be scared and that he tied her up for her own protection. He leaves the underground room he’s made for her, and Betty starts crying.

Meanwhile, a few of the neighbours learn that a police officer has been shot dead. They debate on whether they should leave. The community is anxious — Betty is missing, and nothing feels right.

Sharing her experience

In the mental facility, Lucky explains to Mrs Beaumont the experience she had with “the man”, who we now know as the cursed priest. She described how he commanded her.

Later on, Lucky asks the doctor if she can send a message to her family. The doctor explains she has taken care of many “negro” women. Lucky gets frustrated and says it was a “white bitch” that killed her child, and she’s dragged away.

A perfect dinner

George makes dinner for Betty, and he serves her a drink. Betty explains how she likes her drink with a few ice cubes, so he goes to get some. He climbs outside the underground room and locks the hatch door. When he returns, Betty asks if she could stay at his house like a normal couple — she feels if it’s real love, then there’s nothing to worry about. She returns from the kitchen and stabs him in the neck with a corkscrew, but it’s not enough to kill him. George gets up and tells her if she wants to leave, it will be the hardest thing he’s done, and he leaves the hatch.

Under interrogation

As Henry reads a paper, a male neighbour walks in and hits him with a baseball bat. He’s then tied up. One of the men has a gun pointed at Gracie. They ask Henry where Betty is. He tells the two men to deal with him, not his children. They take his children away, and Henry continues to be interrogated.

The ending

Suddenly, Da Tap Dance Man appears near Henry as his white neighbour uses sharp scissors to cut off one of his fingers. The white men throw the family into the basement. They start hanging Henry with a rope, but then the children fight back.

In the mental facility, the priest visits Lucky, and he asks what black magic she has used. He warns that he will have her family tearing each other to pieces. The priest tortures her mind, and her screams can be heard down the corridor.

The evil is transparent and flagrant in the story as Them season 1, episode 9 puts the family through the motions as they deal with it.

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