The Falcon and The Winter Soldier season 1, episode 4 recap – “The Whole World is Watching”

April 9, 2021 (Last updated: April 12, 2021)
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“The Whole World is Watching” is a gamechanger.

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“The Whole World is Watching” is a gamechanger.

This recap of Disney Plus’s The Falcon and The Winter Soldier season 1, episode 4, “The Whole World is Watching”, contains spoilers.

The Therapeutic Alliance

An emissary from Wakanda, Oya (Florence Kasumba), showed up at the end of “Power Broker”. It turns out, she and Bucky have a past. She helped him get through his guilt of killing so many innocent enemies of Hydra (including Tony Stark’s parents). Kind of a licensed therapist with a Wakanda state license. Bucky tells her, in the native tongue of her homeland, that he is a “means to an end.” She replies, in a stealthy cool response, that they have eight hours… then they’re coming for him (Zemo).

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier season 1, episode 4 recap: Turkish Delights

Now that Bucky (Sebastian Stan), Sam (Anthony Mackie), and Zemo (Daniel Bruhl) head over to Madripoor, an island nation in the Indonesian archipelago that so happens to double as a Marvel nod to the X-Men. They set out to find Donya’s funeral, in an attempt to find Karli before she blows up another military supply depot and several innocents with it. There’s nothing some Turkish candy can’t do as Zemo offers them to little children to find out when the funeral is starting (one would think a simple Google search would do the trick instead of acting like a pedophile, but Hydra villains have their style I guess).

Karli in Charge of our Lives and our Dreams

Walker/New Captain America (Wyat Russell) and Hoskins/Battlestar (Cle Bennett) track our three amigos to Latvia. Walker tries to stick his chest out, acting like people should follow him instead of earning the respect the original one bled for. After a few standoffs and staredowns, Hoskins convinces Walker it’s best if Zemo leads us to the funeral that Kari is attending.

Sam tells them that he will go in alone and to give them ten minutes because he has training in deescalating soldiers who suffer from trauma. Sam and Karli have a debate of ideals. The cost of saving millions of displaced blip citizens outweighs the lives of a few innocents. Sam tells her that what she is doing leads to the type of supremacy you don’t come back from (Nazi’s, Ultron, even Avengers is what Zemo quipped). Karli scoffs at this point: “Everything I do is to end supremacy.” Oh, I forgot, these aren’t innocents she says, because they are “roadblocks” that get in her way.

Anakin Skywalker, Anyone?

Of course, Walker’s ego gets in the way and he interrupts the progress Sam makes trying to arrest her. She takes off, getting away from Walker, Hoskins, Sam, and Bucky, but not before running into Zemo in the church basement. He unloads a few bullets into her. She runs away, falling over a table, dropping all the serum vials in the process. Zemo, acting in his righteous God-like manner, stops squashing them one by one, allowing Karli to escape. But not before Walker bounces Steve’s shield off Zemo’s face like a frisbee football blooper. Of course, with Zemo passed out, Walker finds one small vial of that all-natural blue goodness and slips it in his pocket before anyone notices.

Check Your Ego at the Door

In the best scene of “The Whole World’s Watching”, the Dora Milaje shows up at the boy’s Latvia suite and checks Walker’s ego at the door. Walker and Hoskins won’t let them take Zemo without a fight, though it can’t be much of one. After a couple of minutes, both Sam and Bucky have to intervene before the newbies are poked liked meat onto skewers. Oya doesn’t let Bucky get away clean either. She pops off his Vibranium arm that makes a loud metal clank as it hits the floor and for probably the first time since he was on team Hydra, he is speechless. The same goes for Oya’s Partner, as she easily takes away Steve’s shield from Walker like it was a Pringles lid.

While all of this is happening, Zemo slips me to the bathroom and escapes through a secret bathtub escape hatch. As Hoskins walks up to Walker, he looks defeated. After a moment, he says to Battlestar or maybe just to his feet, “They weren’t even Super Soldiers.”

Terrorists or Revolutionaries?

You can see the endgame. Walker and Hoskins talk about what they had to do to earn those medals. Captain America Light tells his partner that he finally found something he feels means something. Hoskins’ response: “Imagine how many people we could have saved if we had that serum?” One look from Walker is all we need to know. He will be taking that blue juice at some point soon.

Karli calls Sam’s sister and tells her to call her brother and to meet her alone. She doesn’t know if she can really trust him. And if she doesn’t, she will kill her and her son. Sam is furious. He brings Bucky, because, ya know, f*ck her. When they show up, Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) lets them know what is happening; they quickly realize it was a trick to get them away from Walker and kill him for good.

We Hardly Knew You

As Sam and Bucky race to save Walker and Hoskins, Battlestar is taken by the Flag Smashers. When Falcon sees Walker jump from the staircase to staircase, and shove Super Soldiers through cement, he asks, “What did you do?” But we already know. As they battle the terrorists (or revolutionaries), Walker is being held and Karli begins to sprint towards him like a deranged rhino with a knife in her hand. Just before she is about to finish Walker off, Battlestar tackles her, saving his life.

There is just one problem — Karli pushes Lemar hard, fast, and into a giant stone pillar. The blow causes him to break his neck, killing him instantly in the process. Walker runs up to Lemar, but Bucky and Sam already know. He’s dead. He won’t wake up despite Walker’s pleas. Walker finally has enough and snaps. He then runs through a plate glass window. When he finds a Flag-Smasher, he hits him a couple of times with Steve’s shield that became a symbol for justice.

As this Flag-Smasher lays on the ground, he pleads with Walker that he didn’t kill his partner. It doesn’t matter. Not once, not twice, and not even three times he takes that shield and smashes into him, edge-down. It lasted what seems like minutes. People are now taping him. As everyone looks on in horror, and the last image is of our new Captain America holding the shield. But this time the bottom third is now coated and dripping blood.

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