Navillera episode 8 recap – Chae-rok worries about Deok-chul

April 13, 2021
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Episode 8 has entered the depths of this heartwarming but upsetting story as Chae-rok discovers Deok-chul’s secret that changes everything.

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Episode 8 has entered the depths of this heartwarming but upsetting story as Chae-rok discovers Deok-chul’s secret that changes everything.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Navillera season 1, episode 8 contains spoilers.

The twist in the last episode has floored us all, and episode 8 is even more upsetting.

Episode 8 opens proceedings with Chae-rok reading Deok-chul’s ballet notebook and learning that the older man has Alzheimer’s disease. He’s in absolute shock — it’s a grim revelation. Flashback scenes show the doctor advising Deok-chul to tell his family, but if he cannot face it immediately, to write notes, so he doesn’t forget things. The doctor also advises him not to drive, hence why he gave his car to Eun-ho. Everything is starting to make sense now.

Chae-rok spends time with Deok-chul’s family

With Chae-rok forming a bond with Deok-chul, the situation has changed entirely — it’s not just about him anymore — he is pressured by a secret only he knows about.

Chae-rok ends up at Deok-chul’s house. It’s a birthday celebration for Seong-gwan. Chae-rok’s face says it all. He’s still extremely moved by what he has learned, and he looks overwhelmed by the kindness of Deok-chul’s family. He joins them for food and tells them that Deok-chul had a debut performance in front of a ballet troupe. It feels like he is giving Deok-chul his moment with his family — a chance to be proud of his ballet before his condition gets worse.

Chae-rok and Deok-chul spend time together

As the episode progresses, Chae-rok is torn by what he’s learned. The more he spends time with Deok-chul, the more he’s inflicted. After ballet, Chae-rok helps scrub Deok-chul’s back. He asks if his bond with his father will get better and tells him how he beat the soccer players, so he went to prison. Chae-rok admits he cannot stop thinking about him. Deok-chul is reminded of his difficult moments with his father and offers wisdom.

A pondering Hae-nam

The final act of Navillera episode 8 starts a storm of emotions for the viewer as it becomes almost unbearable to watch — the story has escalated way quicker than we imagined.

Seong-suk tells her mother, Hae-nam, that she will give up trying to have a child. Hae-nam is feeling down about the situation and tells Deok-chul. She feels she has been harsh and wants to show kindness. When Deok-chul heads to the ballet studio, he feels he has forgotten something and looks in his diary — he realises he needs to be at the hospital at 11 am for an appointment. Chae-rok is worried that Deok-chul suddenly wants to leave, but Ki Seung-joo tells Chae-rok that the man is not a child.


Deok-chul meets his doctor, who tells him that his note-taking is meticulous and needs to keep alert. He takes part in memory tests, and it dawns on Deok-chul that he doesn’t want to forget key events in his life — he leaves his appointment early. As he walks home, the world looks blurry as his memory regression starts to have a life-changing impact. Deok-chul has forgotten where he was walking, and he freezes. Chae-rok tries to ring him, but it goes to voicemail. He rings Deok-chul’s wife Hae-nam and asks about her headache (Deok-chul told Chae-rok he had to leave to look after his wife). He learns Deok-chul isn’t home and panics — he looks for him in key places. You can feel the panic engrained in the direction of the story.

The ending

Ho-beom and his friends see Deok-chul stood in the same place they saw him earlier and check to see if he’s okay. Deok-chul doesn’t recognise Ho-beom. As they look through his things to try and find Deok-chul’s phone, Ho-beom learns he has Alzheimer’s disease as he reads the notebook. Deok-chul gets increasingly upset as Ho-beom’s friends grab him so they can find his phone. Chae-rok arrives and shouts at them. Understanding the severity of the situation, Ho-beom tells his friends to leave Deok-chul and they all walk off.

Chae-rok checks up on a panic-stricken Deok-chul — flashbacks show Chae-rok looking through Deok-chul’s notebook, and it says, “I don’t know why but my memory came back after seeing his ballet”. To make him remember, Chae-rok performs ballet moves in the park. Deok-chul sees the snow, and flashbacks show that he lost his memory the day he entered the ballet studio — he had no idea why he was there or how he got there. That’s why he wanted to learn ballet as the sight of Chae-rok dancing burned in his mind.

In the present, Chae-rok continues to dance in the falling snow, and Deok-chul admires him. Suddenly, Deok-chul remembers who he is.

Navillera episode 8 has entered the depths of this heartwarming but upsetting story as Chae-rok discovers Deok-chul’s secret that changes everything.

Additional points
  • So-ri keeps bugging Ki Seung-joo until he agrees to coach at her ballet company.

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