Navillera episode 9 recap – Chae-rok tells Seong-gwan the truth about his father

April 19, 2021
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Episode 9 keeps bringing the emotions as Chae-rok has to extend Deok-chul’s secret to his family — as the series moves forward to a conclusion, it does not get any less sad.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Navillera season 1, episode 9 contains spoilers.

After Deok-chul suffered from his disease in the last episode, he tells Chae-rok that he “just zoned out”. Sadly, he’s unwilling to face the truth with other people yet, and Chae-rok plays along. On the way back, Deok-chul bumps into his son Seong-gwan. Later on, Chae-rok privately tells Seong-gwan that his father has Alzheimer’s disease. The guilt of keeping it a secret finally takes over. Seong-gwan is in shock as Chae-rok described what is happening to Deok-chul.

This was a pivotal moment in the story. Interestingly, Chae-rok decided to tell the outsider in the family — he knows Seong-gwan is the most trustworthy to receive this information and be respectful about it.

The documentary

Seong-gwan tells his father that he will be the main character in his documentary about “a man in his 70s who loves ballet”. Chae-rok believes it will be suitable for Deok-chul and help him learn his moves. An emotional Seong-gwan visits Deok-chul’s doctor to confirm the diagnosis. The doctor states the condition may escalate quickly, but at present, the disease progressing is slowly.

Production begins

Navillera episode 9 brings a more important role for Seong-gwan as we see how much he loves his father.

Seong-gwan begins recording his documentary immediately, filming Deok-chul in the studio with Chae-rok. The son is understandably emotional watching his father do something that he loves. Afterwards, Chae-rok tells Deok-chul to up his game and train memory into his muscles. As they have lunch, Chae-rok installs a location tracker on Deok-chul’s phone without him knowing.

Seong-gwan’s trauma

Seong-gwan opens up about the time he was a doctor, and a patient died in surgery — he felt disillusioned as he couldn’t save the man. He’s worn the same shoes he wore that day because he believes that he’ll return to be a doctor if he takes them off. Deok-chul gives him some new shoes, and Seong-gwan states he will wear them one day.

This was a rather sweet moment.

Time to give up?

During ballet practice, Chae-rok tells Deok-chul to try harder and not to be distracted by the camera. Seong-gwan tells Chae-rok that he’s “going in” too hard on his father, but the ballet dancer disagrees, stating his approach isn’t going to change because Deok-chul is unwell. After practice, the physician suggests to  Deok-chul that he gives up on ballet because it’s taking a toll on his body.

This is another opportunity for the older man to quit again — Navillera episode 9 throws another spanner in his works.

Getting an audition

Chae-rok tells Deok-chul that he’s not doing ballet for a hobby and that he should tell others he’s doing it seriously. Deok-chul agrees and tells Chae-rok that he loves ballet. After this conversation, Chae-rok tells Ki Seung-joo that he wants to put Deok-chul on stage, but the coach disagrees. After an angry back and forth, Ki Seung-joo says Deok-chul can only go on stage if he passes an audition. When Deok-chul learns of this, he’s happy and talks about doing Swan Lake.

The ending

When Chae-rok returns home, his father is there, and he’s in shock. They eat together. There’s plenty to repair between them, but this is a start. Chae-rok asks his father to spend the night. The next day, Chae-rok’s father bumps into Ho-beom.

Seong-gwan tells his father that he’s changed and has become a person determined to win. He tells him to make sure he wins and to pass the audition. The next day, Deok-chuk locks himself in the bathroom at the studio before his big moment – he’s crying to himself, muttering that he needs to “remember things”. Chae-rok finds the man in tears in a cubicle, bringing another emotional chapter to an end.

Navillera episode 9 keeps bringing the emotions as Chae-rok has to extend Deok-chul’s secret to his family — as the series moves forward to a conclusion, it does not get any less sad.

Additional points
  • Ki Seung-joo partakes in his first day as a ballet coach.
  • Chae-rok apologises to Ho-beom for getting the wrong idea when he was helping Deok-chul.

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