The Great North season 1, episode 8 recap – “Keep Beef-Lievin’ Adventure”

April 19, 2021
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Moon gets some limelight in “Keep Beef-Lievin’ Adventure” as his beliefs are challenged, while Honeybee is confronted with a figure from her past.

This recap of The Great North season 1, episode 8, “Keep Beef-Lievin’ Adventure”, contains spoilers.

After Honeybee was front-and-center in the previous episode of The Great North, it might seem like overkill to delve into her backstory yet again in “Keep Beef-lievin’ Adventure”, especially after she got an entire episode mostly to herself earlier on. But she’s an interesting POV character in this wacky world of remote Alaskan behaviours and traditions, and it’s just as well since a good chunk of The Great North episode 8 is devoted to Moon and his long-held belief in Bigfoot.

Here, Moon’s belief is kind of a stand-in for any child’s belief in Father Christmas or the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny, the kind of thing that kids cling to and then gradually age out of, and all the associated emotions that come with that process. But there’s also a sense of cultural specificity to it since belief in Bigfoot isn’t necessarily just reserved for children in Lone Moose, Alaska.

The show’s overwhelming sense of warmth and kindness really come through in The Great North episode 8 – as does its eccentricity, most notably in an elaborate song-and-dance dream sequence. But Moon’s predicament is really sensitively handled, allowing his family to rally around him and teach him how to navigate the world as he gets older. Moon rarely gets the limelight, so it’s nice to see him given plenty of attention here.

Moon’s Bigfoot obsession also brings Honeybee’s brother, Jerry (Ron Funches) into “Keep Beef-Lievin’ Adventure”, since he trips and falls into one of Moon’s traps. Jerry’s whole thing is that he tends to try and emulate his sister’s decisions and interests in the hope they’ll bring him as much happiness and satisfaction as they bring her – usually to disastrous results. He’s someone trying to figure out who they are and where they belong, and the show is once again smart to not have this sibling relationship be too antagonistic. As ever, The Great North season 1, episode 8 promotes communication and understanding above all. And a good song and dance, obviously.

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