Navillera episode 10 recap – the family learn of Deok-chul’s condition

April 20, 2021
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There’s plenty on the line in episode 10 as Deok-chul has to come to terms with what’s happening to him, which brings reverberations to his inner circle.

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There’s plenty on the line in episode 10 as Deok-chul has to come to terms with what’s happening to him, which brings reverberations to his inner circle.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Navillera season 1, episode 10 contains spoilers.

After the emotional end to the last chapter, Chae-rok finds Deok-chul in the bathroom cubicle and he’s in extreme distress. Deok-chul realises that Chae-rok knows that he has Alzheimer’s disease. They choose not to tell Ki Seung-joo and claim he needs to rest. Chae-rok reveals to Deok-chul that his son Seong-gwan knows as well but that they should feign ignorance.

Episode 10 shows that time has run out for Deok-chul — he needs family support.

Lee Mu-yeong apologises to Ho-beom

Episode 10 flits to Chae-rok’s father, Lee Mu-yeong, apologising to Ho-beom. However, Ho-beom isn’t ready to accept his apology. Flashbacks show Ho-beom begging soccer coach Lee Mu-yeong to put him in the lineup. Lee Mu-Yeong tells him to recover his knee and pursue soccer at college. Further scenes show Lee Mu-yeong beating the players; the football team was disbanded due to the coach’s actions. In the present day, Lee Mu-yeong blames everything on himself and tells Ho-beom he can still try to make it as he has talent. This is a highly charged and emotional moment for Ho-beom.

He’s an insecure young adult that has let the past define him — there’s recognition for the character that he needs to get over the demons and find his own path in life.

Under pressure, Chae-rok tells Deok-chul to quit ballet

When Chae-rok returns to Deok-chul’s home, Hae-nam feels a little dizzy, so Chae-rok checks up on her. She thanks him for taking care of her husband. Afterwards, Chae-rok tells Deok-chul that he’s not doing fine and wonders what will happen if he gets lost again. In a passionate argument, Chae-rok tells Deok-chul to quit ballet before running off.

Rather than give up, Deok-chul heads to the park with Seong-gwan to work on his fitness and practice some moves. It’s a good moment for the father and son to bond.

Hae-nam knows

There’s a twist in Navillera episode 10 that brings even more emotional depth to the story.

Hae-nam heads to the doctor’s, but there’s no concern with her health, and she is relieved, stating she cannot afford to be sick. Afterwards, Seong-gwan asks whether he should stay at her house, but Hae-nam feels he should do “whatever” in his life and that she can take care of her husband. It dawns on Seong-gwan that his mother knows about Deok-chul’s Alzheimer’s disease. She accidentally heard Chae-rok and Seong-gwan talk about it outside. Seong-gwan bursts into tears — there’s a lot of sadness and emotional relief in this chapter.

Leaving the hob on

Episode 10 shows how out of control Deok-chul’s condition is becoming in a sad state of affairs.

Ki Seung-joo is impatient that Deok-chul isn’t showing up for training and asks him to come back to the studio. When Deok-chul returns home, he starts making food on the hob but then looks for his shoes. Hae-nam returns home, and the pan is burning on fire — she burns herself by putting it into the sink. Meanwhile, Deok-chul is out buying new shoes. When he returns home, his wife Hae-nam pretends that she hurt herself, but he soon realises it was his fault and apologises.

Deok-chul is starting to realise how people are looking out for him due to his condition. He’s terrified. The next day, he talks to a care home about being admitted and asks questions. He’s come to the realisation that he’s not managing his disease.

Deok-chul is missing

And like a few chapters before this, there’s anxiety on the whereabouts of Deok-chul.

Hae-nam rings Chae-rok and tells him he should be home by now after practice. He tells her that Chae-rok hasn’t been practising. She alerts Seong-gwan that she doesn’t know where Deok-chul is and that he took his own portrait for his funeral. Meanwhile, Deok-chul is sitting next to a river near his friend’s memorial. He’s turned off his phone so that no one can find him. Seong-gwan rings his brother Seong-san, and he’s in tears — he states he cannot find his father and reveals he has Alzheimer’s disease.

The ending

Deok-chul looks through photos of him doing ballet with Chae-rok with a smile on his face. Deok-chul’s location appears on Chae-rok’s mobile. Seong-san heads to the location and finds his father. He bursts into tears; the truth of his condition overwhelming him. He hugs his father and tells him that he’ll always be his “big pillar” no matter what age.

From Seong-san’s car, Deok-chul sees Chae-rok, so he gets out and performs ballet for him in the snow. He tells the young man that he’s terrified but practised every day even though his memory is failing, and he doesn’t want to skip a day. Chae-rok tells him he should continue ballet.

There’s plenty on the line in Navillera episode 10 as Deok-chul has to come to terms with what’s happening to him, which brings reverberations to his inner circle. The series continues this sweet, sad and heartwarming tone as it enters the final weeks.

Additional points
  • Eun-ho continues writing as a junior executive at the radio station. Ratings are low which could risk jobs.
  • Seong-suk tells her husband that she thinks she’s going to stop having a baby. The husband tells her he’s happy as long as he has her.
  • There’s trouble at Seong-san’s work. Finances are dwindling, and it’s a “hot cooker room” amongst the employees who are receiving plenty of calls.
  • Ho-beom finds Deok-chul alone on a bench. Deok-chul springs into life and asks Ho-beom if he’d like to have lunch. During lunch, Deok-Chul tells Ho-beom that he still has time “to soar”.

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