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April 22, 2021
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Like for Like: 10 Movies Like Stowaway, on Netflix

This article discusses the Stowaway ending, so it will contain major spoilers.

10 Movies Like Stowaway, which is now streaming on Netflix

Netflix’s Stowaway is now playing on Netflix. Here is a list of ten films like the Anna Kendrick vehicle. The Ready Steady Cut review of the film was not a positive one. So, this list suggests much better films, even some worse ones, and some films that are so loosely like Stowaway you may wonder how they made this list at all (until you read the words that follow the suggestion).

Ad Astra

While Stowaway lacks a true underlying theme, Brad Pitt’s Ad Astra is as much about the void we create in our personal lives as it’s about space travel; we are more honest with complete strangers than we are with ourselves and the ones we love. James Gray’s film is a stealthy, beautiful, evocative take on mental health.

Apollo 13

Ron Howard’s critically praised and commercial smash hit is now considered a classic. Stowaway can be connected to Apollo because they both have stories of a doomed space mission. The real difference is that the latter is a true story, the other is not. This brings us back to how real-life stories are almost always better than the made-up ones. Most writers wouldn’t have the gumption to put the true events that transpired in Apollo 13, and this the team behind the Netflix drama could learn from. 


Netflix’s streaming series has its issues, but overall, Away is an engaging series. Stowaway could have used some of Andrew Hinderer’s inspiration about the exploration of life, love, and family, and how when science can’t come up with the answers, faith will fill in the gaps.

Cast Away

Why would I put Castaway on a list of films that is just like Stowaway? Well, for one, the characters are as lifeless, rounded, and three-dimensional as Wilson the volleyball. I lied, that was the only reason.


Gravity, a far superior film, is about a doomed space mission, but this time one woman’s fight for survival has a well-developed backstory for its protagonist. She defies the odds to get back home, by using her ingenuity, creativity, knowledge, and overall resiliency. You potentially see many of these qualities in Anna Kendrick’s character in Stowaway, as she proves a woman can be the hero (in this case, the fallen type) in a space odyssey. 

10 Movies Like Stowaway (cont.)


This was a film that divided many when it first arrived and now considered misunderstood at the time, Interstellar is about a crew of three people who go on a mission to save their human race. This time, the passengers (consisting of Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Wes Bentley, and David Gyasi) travel through a wormhole near Saturn in search of a new home. How is it like Stowaway? Well, it is in space. In both films, the crew works together to fix ship mishaps and not everyone makes it back. The real reason? I just want you to watch a much better movie.

 K19: The Widowmaker  

I could have put a bunch of other films in this slot. Mission to Mars, Sunshine, 2001: A Space Odyssey, to name a few. How about we change things up with Kathryn Bigelow’s K19: The Widowmaker. A film based on the true story of a Russian submarine and its crew (and they all speak English for some reason) who prevented a nuclear disaster. The film shows how bravely some men were in dying from radiation by an overheating reactor. In Stowaway, Kendrick’s character bravely goes into a solar flare storm, knowing the radiation will kill her, to grab the last oxygen cylinder to save her crewmates. 

The Martian

The similarities are obvious. This time, however, the mission consists of going back for a man they left behind. Just like Stowaway, the teams here work together, on the ship and on the earth, to do the impossible. The difference here is Ridley Scott does it in an exciting, suspenseful, and grand way of filmmaking.

The Midnight Sky

Just like Stowaway, The Midnight Sky has all the makings of a solid action-adventure film but fails to create an all-encompassing experience for its audience. The performances are solid, Clooney’s in particular, but rarely do you feel they are in danger because, by all accounts, they are going to be dead anyway. It also doesn’t go deep enough to act as an effective character study, either. Netflix’s The Midnight Sky doesn’t quite border on humdrum, but lands on ambivalent. That could be written on Stowaway‘s headstone.


Voyagers is your obvious spin of the classic Lord of the Flies on a spaceship. While I admired the genuine tension it initially built and its take on socialization and adolescent development, its third act lacks any type of visceral, emotional, or intellectual payoff. The catch here is while Voyagers at least completed a majority of its goals to entertain its audience, Stowaway doesn’t come as close.

Do you have any other recommendations for movies like Stowaway? Let us know!

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