Aliens: Aftermath #1 preview – at Marvel, no one can hear you scream

April 23, 2021
Louie Fecou 0

Marvel Comics own the rights to Alien, in comic book form, and for a while they have been teasing readers and fans with various covers and leaks.

Who would have thought that the film property that has been put through the wringer over the last five decades would be still so pop-culturally relevant in this brave new world, but sure enough, those nasty Xenomorphs still have the pulling power that keeps fans coming back for more.

Alien has always had a comic book presence, even after the release of the first film in the series, there was a groundbreaking graphic novel from Walt Simonson that adapted the film and scarred comic book fans that were too young to watch the movie itself.

There have been numerous original miniseries’, many from Dark Horse Comics, that would expand the myths and legends of the Aliens in original stories, have them meet with Superman and other heroes, and pit them against another classic movie franchise, Predator.

Now Marvel has their hands on those golden alien eggs, and I imagine it won’t be long till we see Aliens vs Avengers.

In July, there is a new one-shot called “Aliens: Aftermath” written by Benjamin Percy with scary pictures by Dave Wachter.

This one shot is to mark the 35th anniversary of Aliens and is a double-sized issue that takes place in the same continuity as the film.

Set at Hadley’s Hope, this is a direct tie-in with Aliens that fans of that film look set to get their metal pointy teeth into.

A crew of investigative journalists (do they still exist?) are setting off on an expedition to find out what exactly happened during that fateful time, and they are determined to get the facts about this story, at any cost.

Aliens: Aftermath will be on the stands July 14th and there’s a lovely Phil Noto cover that should catch your eye if you’re perusing the shelves at your local comic shop.

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