DC’s most bizarre crossover ever?

April 27, 2021
Louie Fecou 0

DC has always had a relationship with the darker side of comics — in fact, the incredible success of their horror titles helped launch their Vertigo imprint with the likes of Swamp Thing and Hellblazer.

Perhaps it seems that a DC imprint based on the cinema universe of The Conjuring is not as surprising as it first seems.

DC has never been scared to traverse the haunted halls of horror, and Silver and Bronze Age titles such as The Witching Hour and House of Mystery were staples of the publisher’s lines for decades.

Even more recently, a series of comics from the son of Stephen King, Joe Hill, embraced the genre with ease.

More than Marvel, DC has often been keen to get their supernatural characters front and center, with varying degrees of success.

So now, with the new Conjuring film, The Devil Made Me Do It, preparing for a release, DC has announced a new imprint, and the first title The Lover will serve as a prelude to the upcoming film release.

This first entry will be a 5 issue series and is co-written by  David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, the screenwriter behind The Conjuring 2 and the new film in the franchise. He is aided by writer Rex Ogle (Death of Wolverine) and artist Garry Brown.

As well as the lead story, following student Jessica returning to college and becoming the target of an evil presence, the comic will also feature back up stories that explore the contents of the artifact room where Ed and Lorraine Warren store their supernatural trophies, and the first entry is written by Scott Snyder, accompanied with art from comics legend Denys Cowan.

DC has informed us that there will be other titles from the imprint announced in July, for an October release.

Issue 1 of The Lover will debut the same day as the film and will be released on digital too. The price is $4.99 for 22 pages, and you all know my thoughts on that.

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