Fatma season 1, episode 2 recap – “Dust”

April 27, 2021
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The death toll increases and the police begin to look a bit stupid in “Dust”, as things get worse for Fatma.

This recap of Fatma season 1, episode 2, “Dust”, contains spoilers.

The trouble with killing people, or so I assume at least, is that it’s difficult to keep under wraps. You can’t just shove a bloke under a train and keep that low-key, and you can’t just forget about it afterwards, both of which become apparent early on in Fatma episode 2. Just like how she was compelled to confess to the police about shooting Sevket, she’s similarly eager here to open up to her sister about what she has done. No such luck, though, and the longer you keep secrets like that, the more of you they tend to take with them when they eventually spill out.

The mystery of the sound Fatma has been hearing during her calls from Zafer is at least partially solved here in “Dust”, but we’ll get to that. First, as mentioned in the previous recap, Bayram is better solidified as a short-term problem, since Fatma returns home from meeting with her sister to find him and Yusuf chilling in the crib. Bayram’s not thrilled with her behaviour thus far, but he obviously senses an opportunity and enlists her to deliver a bag of white powder to the desk of a man named Ekber, all under the ruse of cleaning. At this point, why not?

Much of “Dust”, though, revolves around a construction site, and Fatma episode 2 fittingly gets creative in how it constructs the narrative. We learn of the death of Ismail before we see it, mostly in the context of it being hastily covered up and ruled an accident, but when we wind back in time we discover that Fatma pushed him from the roof of a building after he tried to force sexual favours on her. We also see that the background noise of the site is what she has been hearing during the phone calls. You can add another body to Fatma’s tally.

This raises an obvious problem in Fatma season 1, episode 2, which is that the police look incredibly dopey. A breathless cat-and-mouse chase only really works when there’s some sense that opposition has their sh*t together, and in this case, Fatma is having it too easy, logically speaking. Emotionally, though, is another matter, and in “Dust” you do start to see the moral weight of so much killing take a toll – not that it really prevents more killing, but you know. It’s the thought that counts.

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