New Superman: Son of Kal-El for DC this Summer

April 27, 2021
Louie Fecou 0

Well, the Summer comics events are just getting going, and DC has announced that there will be an issue #1 of a new Superman title in July. The first thing you notice about the released cover is the homage to the cover of Superman #1, including the yellow background and lettering. However, a closer look reveals that the book is titled Superman: Son of Kal-El, so this is not Clark, but Jonathan, his son, that is front and centre here.

This looks certain to be a run focusing on the passing of the Superman mantle to Jonathan, an idea that has been milling around in the background of the regular books for a while.

Written by Tom Taylor, the book will not retire Clark immediately, as we have a subplot involving Warworld that will keep Clark busy over in the pages of Action Comics, written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson., leaving Taylor room to give Jon his marching orders in this new book.

Superman will also appear in a mini-series from Grant Morrison, with Kal El teamed up with The Authority, so don’t worry too much about Clark being left behind during the new Superman debut.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the cover proudly announces “22 Pages of Action” but DC comics are hiking the prices, so this book is priced $4.99, for 22 pages — wow.

The decision to hike prices for their books is raising a few eyebrows. 22 pages for 5 bucks means that the first arc, usually around 6 issues, will cost you $30. Comic book prices are high, and if you want to keep your pull list up this Summer, you best be prepared to take on a second job. Relatively speaking, the 15 or so minutes it might take you to read this comic does not really entice new, or younger readers to go to their LCS and throw their money on the counter.

I feel that the least they could do is try to keep the prices down for the regular runs on the shelves and encourage people to jump onto new titles like this.

However, this new title will have a few variants, and there will be the usual spike for a first issue, so it will no doubt have a great 1st issue, so it would be interesting to check back in around issue 7 of this book and see if we can get the sales figures then.

Superman: Son of Kal-El will be out in July.

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