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By Daniel Hart
Published: April 29, 2021
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Law School episode 7 - release date, predictions and where to watch - netflix k-drama series

The series came back to its best in chapter 6, and let’s hope it stays that way in Law School episode 7. This is where we stand with the lead characters:

  • Much to Kang Sol A’s horror, Lee Man-ho keeps menacing her younger sister — he apparently needs her to find his son.
  • After Kang Ju-man tells Professor Yang that he killed Professor Seo, he also learns that Kang Sol B is his daughter, which changes everything in the story.
  • Kang Sol B told Professor Yang to keep it quiet that she’s Kang Ju-man’s daughter at the start of the chapter. She claims she has not received any preferential treatment.
  • Professor Yang’s trial against him for the murder of Prosecutor Seo starts in episode 6; in the session, Kang Ju-man tries to claim that he murdered Professor Seo, but his daughter stops him from making that statement.
  • It turns out that Kang Ju-man was trying to protect Kang Sol B, but she tells him not to and insists that she did not kill Professor Seo.
  • Professor Yang tells Kang Ju-man to rip up his resignation letter.
  • As episode 6 ends, Kang Dan rings Professor Yang while Kang Sol A is in the room.
Law School episode 7 release date

Episode 7 will be released on Netflix on May 5, 2021. The usual time is 3:00 pm (GMT), but sometimes this varies. We do not anticipate any changes to the schedule yet (sometimes this happens in the K-Drama world.)

Episode 7 summary and predictions:

Expect more law drama in episode 7 — here are our predictions:

  • Lee Man-ho keeps on snooping; we expect his interventions get worse in episode 7, especially with Kang Sol A getting irritated.
  • With Kang Ju-man and his daughter Kang Sol B no longer suspects, the primary suspect remains as Professor Yang — looking at previews, it looks like Ji-ho is next on the list.
  • What will Kang Sol A learn about Professor Yang after seeing that Kang Dan has phoned him? She looks visibly upset in the preview and does not speak nicely of Professor Yang.

As always, at Ready Steady Cut, we will be here to give coverage on Law School.

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