Bless the Harts season 2, episode 19 recap – “The Drincan Temple”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: May 3, 2021 (Last updated: November 6, 2023)
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Bless the Harts season 2, episode 19 recap - "The Drincan Temple"


Wayne is lured in by a friend’s charm in “The Drincan Temple”, and Jenny tries to preserve the family’s vehicular legacy.

This recap of Bless the Harts season 2, episode 19, “The Drincan Temple”, contains spoilers. Check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

When you think about it, “The Drincan Temple” is about learning to let go. For Wayne, that means letting go of the freewheeling adventurous ideals that his noncommittal best friend, Travis, represents, and for Jenny, it’s about letting go of a family heirloom — and by extension all the memories attached to it — before it becomes a flaming deathtrap. It’s a good episode, smarter than first appearances suggest. The same could be said of Wayne, really.

Admittedly, with Wayne, it takes him a while to reach some pretty obvious conclusions. All of us know a Travis, but most of us know to avoid him. Wayne, though, is besotted by his impulsivity, half-baked schemes, charisma, and the fact he greets Wayne with, “Wherefore art thou, Bromeo?” There are plenty more bro puns in Bless the Harts season 2, episode 19, some of them pretty funny, but it’s still faintly tragic to see Wayne suckered in by this guy’s obvious nonsense. As Jenny explains, Travis just does whatever he pleases, Wayne gets sucked in, and it’s Wayne who ends up being punished for whatever scheme Travis cooked up this time. The two of them apparently have a dream of opening a bar in Machu Picchu called “The Drincan Temple”, but they settle for opening it in Greenpoint, just with a Peruvian theme.

Wayne’s focus on Travis leaves Jenny, Betty, and Violet stranded when their faithful car breaks down, presumably fatally. The car was Jenny’s and Betty’s before that — it’s the car Violet was born in — which she’s not thrilled to learn — and there are so many memories bundled up in it that Jenny can’t bring herself to let it die. Wayne, though, is too busy to repair it, so the Hart women have to do what they can.

Both subplots in Bless the Harts season 2, episode 19 end predictably, but after having made their points. Travis meets a woman named Emoji who he decides to marry instantly before moving away with her, and their wedding becomes the Drincan Temple’s opening night. Of course, Travis’s attempts at a ceremonial fire dance end up setting the place on fire, which is perhaps just as well since he’d already told everyone that drinks were free. Jenny, meanwhile, fixes the car… but not really. She does realize the importance of having a family to share it with, though, right before they take it for a joyride and have to be bailed out of a fatal accident by Wayne.

All’s well that ends well, though, and Travis is able to make himself useful for once. When Wayne finds him living in a shed at the hardware store, he invites him home. Travis’s minor celebrity, having appeared on a reality show, allows him to basically pimp himself out so the Harts can get a new car. Unsurprisingly, they choose one a lot like the old one.

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