Mythic Quest season 2, episode 1 & 2 recap – “Titan’s Rift” and “Grouchy Goat”

May 7, 2021
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The opening two episodes of Mythic Quest season 2 is a success, with the continuation proving fruitful.

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The opening two episodes of Mythic Quest season 2 is a success, with the continuation proving fruitful.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest season 2, episode 1 & 2, “Titan’s Rift” and “Grouchy Goat” contains significant spoilers. 

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Mythic Quest season 2, episode 1 recap

To kick off season 2, Poppy and Ian are brainstorming new ideas. After a brief discussion, Ian gives up and says he would like a break for a week. Poppy says she will handle things until he returns and doesn’t need to shut the office down. Ian tells her to relax and “get laid.” And that’s exactly what Poppy does; she “gets laid” — however, it’s a dream – she dreamt that the person she was sleeping with was Ian.


So, this sex dream…

Poppy speaks to Rachel and Dana in the test room at work — she tells them about her work-related dream, and Dana guesses that she has had a sex dream about Ian. Dana states she’s had the same dream about her boss, stating that it’s quite common, as it is about power and needing approval. Rachel is getting increasingly irritated by Dana’s descriptions. Dana tells Poppy to assert her authority in real life, and it may remove the sex dreams about Ian.

Dana seems to know a lot about sex dreams.

Rachel frets about her feelings about Dana

A budding romance continues to frustrate two of our characters in the opening episodes.

Rachel speaks to Carol about Dana — she felt they were getting closer, and she wonders if she’s made assumptions about her sexuality. Carol is uncomfortable about the conversation; she tells Rachel to speak to Dana and be more direct instead of talking to her about it. Later on, Dana talks to Carol about Rachel — she is wondering if she can have a workplace relationship and talks about the sex dreams. Carol gives the same advice — Speak to each other.

Stressing over the title

Of course, there needs to be a new title with a new season, and that takes center stage in the opening episode of season 2.

David talks to Sue about her tension with Poppy — he’s clearly exaggerating their social interactions and how Poppy came to a new title — “Sea of Ashes.” Poppy walks in and tells David that the title is trashy and uninspired, making David panic — he thought they had a title. Nothing has changed between seasons; David has still got an inferiority complex.

Late in the night, David is stressing about the new title, but Ian walks in and tells him he is emotional. Ian whispers to him about the new title, and then he implies he’s going to have sex with him. Poppy wakes up — it was another sex dream. She has a lightbulb moment and goes into the office and tells David that the new title will be “Titan’s Rift.” David suspects that Poppy had a sex dream and claims she needs Ian for her creative ideas. They both agree to announce that they came up with it.

Mythic Quest season 2, episode 1 ending

As the episode ends, Rachel and Dana meet in the car park to talk. As Rachel speaks, Dana kisses her — if that’s not clear, I don’t know what is, but I am sure viewers will be happy these two characters have finally found each other. Carol sees them and asks them to move so she can drive off. Near the credits, David has a sex dream with….himself. Typical.

Mythic Quest season 2, episode 2 recap

Episode 2 opens up with Brad talking to Jo about launching a mobile game. Jo wants to help, but Brad states she severely lacks in skills, which of course, makes her incredibly insecure.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Dana enter the office holding hands, and they wonder how they should approach their new romance at work. As they walk into the office, Rachel and Dana tell Jo that they are in a relationship, but she tells them that no one cares — the bubble has already burst. Brad asks Rachel and Dana about their thoughts on mobile games; he wants them to design it. Rachel and Dana tell Brad they are in a relationship for full disclosure, but he doesn’t care either.

Pitching to the art team

Ian and Poppy sell “Titan’s Rift” to the art team. Poppy tries pitching it, but they are not inspired. After getting irritated, she tells them to get it done by the next day. Ian continues his blanket naivety and tells them to get on with it. Poppy tells David that there needs to be a new dev team because they always listen to Ian. David tells Poppy she needs to do a speech at the Gaming Luncheon and tell women how she is empowered. Ian tells her he’s going to show her how to inspire a room. Ian proves he can inspire anything and gives a speech about building materials to the art team.

Episode 2 shows how this company works their employees to death, which indicates how some areas of the gaming industry work.

“Grouchy Goat”

Rachel and Dana get into their CGI suits, and they come up with the title of their mobile game, “Grouchy Goat.” Jo is getting annoyed with them as they are clearly acting as a loved-up couple. Rachel tells Jo that she’s tired of her negative attitude and asks her to back them up. Jo is suddenly inspired and states what they are missing is a back story. They video call the writer C.W. Longbottom. However, it doesn’t work — Jo freaks out. Rachel asks Dana if she trusts her to sort this game out.

They use the art team to get some illustrations done by the morning. Jo sincerely thanks Rachel and Dana for their help. Brad arrives in the office, and Rachel and Dana bring a narrative about the farming industry. Brad shuts it down, and Jo tells them that they should have kept it simple — she’s thrown them under the bus.

Poppy’s speech

At the Gaming Luncheon, Poppy is cynical about the “women in gaming” speel, but Ian keeps on giving her advice. He tells her to keep her mind and body sharp. Poppy gets up on stage with the speech Ian has given her. She reads off a teleprompter, and she’s all over the place — after getting more nervous, she tells the audience that she isn’t an alpha and that sometimes she cries at the workplace — and that she can’t promise that she will keep up with people’s expectation and that she’s sick of apologizing — she vows to be the best boss she can be. Eventually, Poppy goes into a rant. Surprisingly, the audience applauds; David is shocked that her speech worked, but Ian reveals it was all part of the script, even the crying, and shows him the speech on his phone.

Mythic Quest season 2, episode 2 ending

David tells Ian that he’d better give Poppy a new development team after agreeing to give her one if she gave a speech — Ian reveals that Poppy rang him up excited about her speech and asked for help; she played them against each other to get what she wants. Ian believes they were inspired, and David believes they were manipulated — either way, Poppy proved she can be a boss.

The opening two episodes of Mythic Quest season 2 is a success, with the continuation proving fruitful.

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