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May 8, 2021
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Like For Like, Netflix

This article discusses 5 movies like the Netflix film Milestone, so it may contain minor spoilers.

5 movies Like Netflix film Milestone, which is now streaming on Netflix

Here is a list of five films like Ivan Ayr’s sophomore effort that deal with Milestone’s themes of grief, isolation, and resiliency. 

A White White Day

The connection between India’s Milestone and Iceland’s A White White Day are the protagonists. Both of the actors, Suvinder Vicky, and Ingvar Sigurðsson, have suffered the loss of their wives. Both are detached, at arm’s length from the current world, and have great power in the moments where a single, chilling nonverbal look from the great says everything you need to know.


Just like A White White Day, Lantana features two husbands detached from the world: One, a suspect played by Geoffry Rush, is distant and cold while grieving over his wife’s disappearance. The other, a policeman, played by Anthony LaPaglia, boxes his wife out to create distance between them. Rush and LaPaglia’s characters explore walls that are put up in our most intimate relationships; just like Suvinder Vicky’s Ghalib used work to keep his wife at arm’s length.


The 2020 Best Picture winner and Milestone had been filming before the pandemic and resonate with audiences based on a future they could have never predicted. There is a feeling of isolation, loneliness, and a generation fighting to keep their spot in the world. Perhaps, most of all, it speaks to humanity’s resiliency. Milestone also shares moving on from lost loved ones and they both share stunning, ominous cinematography.


Soni was Milestone director Ivan Ayr’s freshman feature. Ayr’s films share a theme of at-risk groups: Being seen and not heard. Soni‘s protagonist is about a woman fighting for the right to be heard in a male-dominated field, while Milestone notes the irrelevance that capitalists and the younger generation now regard people with experience. As told by an older adult in Ayr’s character study, “When we speak, others lose the ability to hear.”

The Sweet Hereafter
5 dramatic movies like Netflix film Milestone

The Sweet Hereafter is a Canadian drama that is a deeply felt, heartrending examination of how we deal with tragedy. Similar to Milestone’s lead performance, Bruce Greenwood’s cold and stoic supporting turn of a father refusing to cash in on the loss of his children is staggering. Another connection would be the aftermath: How healing can be as desolate as a wintery snow-covered Canadian field or a foggy, stark road for a trucker in the Northeast India countryside.

That’s it, folks — these are 5 movies like Netflix film Milestone — any suggestions? Comment below.

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