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May 9, 2021
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Well, it’s been an intriguing start for this k-drama series, and viewers will be hoping Mine episode 3 and 4 maintain the mystery — here is where we are with the lead characters:

  • Jung Seo-hyun is fretting about a video she has been sent in episode 2 — it shows her having a conversation with another person, implying that she’s having an affair.
  • Later in the episode, it’s confirmed that Jung Seo-hyun used to have a female lover.
  • Kang Ja-kyeong has a fiery argument with the head maid Joo in episode 2.
  • Jin-hee claims to recognize Kang Ja-kyeong.
  • Jung Seo-hyun respectfully tells Hi-soo that she’s disappointed that she arranged an exhibition without telling her.
  • Hi-soo has a keen interest in Kang Ja-kyeong, asking if she’s ever been in love before, or been married.
  • Jin-hee mistreats her staff at a bakery store in episode 2, prompting reporters to investigate after a whistleblower speaks out.
  • Hi-soo takes one for the team and meets the reporter that wants to discuss the mistreatment of staff at the bakery; however, the reporter is more interested in Hi-soo’s son, knowing she isn’t the biological mother.
  • Jung Seo-hyun appears to be in a broken marriage.
  • It’s revealed that Soo-hyuk’s mother is alive, but he is not allowed to see her.
  • Kang Ja-kyeong appears to have an issue with the family’s grandmother, as she gives her a murderous look near the end of episode 2.
  • Kang Ja-kyeong also appears to have strong sexual tension with Hi-soo’s husband.

Mine episode 2 recap – there are plenty of secrets mulling in this family

Mine episode 3 and 4 release date

Episode 3 will be released on Netflix on May 15, 2021. The usual time is 3:00 pm (GMT), but sometimes this varies. We do not anticipate any changes to the schedule yet (sometimes this happens in the K-Drama world.) Episode 4 will be released at the same time the day after.

Episode 3 and 4 summary and predictions:

Here are our predictions and questions:

  • Will the video of Jung Seo-hyun having an affair with the mysterious person be leaked to the rest of the family in episodes 3 and 4? And what will this mean for the family that appears to be firmed together by wealth and hierarchy?
  • Why is there so much anger and tension between the Kang Ja-kyeong and the head maid Joo?
  • Jin-hee recognizes Kang Ja-kyeong, but where from? We expect flashbacks to where and why in episodes 3 and 4.
  • Will the reporter take it further on Hi-soo and her son? It’s possible that if the story gets out about Hi-soo not being the biological mother, that the family will not react kindly to her.
  • Why can Soo-hyuk not see his mother? There appears to be importance to this — you can tell this character has plenty of dissatisfaction with his family, and we expect him to share it with  Kim Yu-yeon.
  • Have Kang Ja-kyeong and Hi-soo’s husband got a past? Recent scenes suggest so — was it romantic? Transactional? An affair? Plenty of questions here.
  • Why did Kang Ja-kyeong give the grandmother such a murderous look?

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