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May 10, 2021
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We believe the last mockumentary that surfaced on Netflix that had a reputable note was American Vandal, and now we are treated to Creator’s File: GOLD, with famous comedian Ryuji Akiyama parodying the world of “creators”. It’s going to be relatable — on social media, creators run the world; it’s a business in its own right, with plenty of young, aspiring individuals finding a way to hustle in their own unique way. This mockumentary series should be funny in its own right.

Creator’s File: Gold season 1: when will it air?

Competing on a busy day on Netflix, the new mockumentary series will be released on the streaming service on June 3, 2021. This is the first season, so it will be interesting whether the series can become a staple instalment on the platform.

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Creator’s File: Gold season 1 – the trailer

Courtesy of Netflix, the first trailer of the series was released on May 7, 2021:

Creator’s File: Gold season 1 – the cast

Of course, there’s only one cast member to report thus far, and that’s Ryuji Akiyama; however, we expect plenty of the public to be involved, including guests.

Creator’s File: Gold season 1 – the plot

Courtesy of Netflix:

Comedian Ryuji Akiyama parodies the world of “creators” in this mockumentary series in which he masquerades as various professionals who do things their own way.

Since 2015, Ryuji Akiyama from the “Robert” comedy trio has been masquerading as “creators” from many walks of life in the show Creator’s File. The series has become a hit in Japan, gaining popularity as Akiyama comes up with extraordinary creators, making their speech and gestures uncannily “real,” all while demonstrating a mystical sense of professionalism. With over 70 creators featured to date, the official Creator’s File on YouTube is approaching 600,000 subscribers and boasts a total view count of over 130 million views (in Japan). As Akiyama transforms fake into real, wondering where his evolving creative genius will go next.

Creator’s File: Gold season 1 – where can I watch it, and how many episodes?

You can watch comedy series on Netflix — it’s been reported that season 1 will consist of 8 episodes — it’s also been reported that it will be released in one batch, so expect all episodes to be available on the day.

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