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May 13, 2021
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Law School episode 10 and 11 - release date, predictions and where to watch - netflix k-drama series

This series has fans split — you either are enjoying it or not at all, but let’s hope it improves in Law School episode 10 and 11. So this is where we stand with the lead characters:

  • Ye-seul is in plenty of trouble in episode 9 after hurting Yeong-chang — Professor Yang comes to the scene and helps the wounded Yeong-chang get to the hospital while Han Joon-hwi and Kang Sol A help Ye-seul. At the hospital, Professor Yang tells the police that they cannot question Ye-seul as she’s currently in shock.
  • There’s plenty of suggestions that Seun-jae has cheated in episode 9 after fixing laptops for professors. Kim Eun-suk wants to give him a chance to come clean and believes he is a key witness in the case against Professor Yang as they heavily suspect he was hiding in the professor’s office when Professor Seo died.
  • The trial against Professor Yang continues in episode 9, with the prosecution bringing in last-minute evidence to prove Professor Seo’s blood sugar levels.
  • Kang Sol B wants to be a witness for the trial to help Professor Yang, but Prosecutor Jin overhears the conversation and tells her it will go against her due to plagiarism claims.
  • Kang Sol A confronts Assemblyman Ko in episode 9 regarding Kang Dan — she believes Assemblyman Ko is like his son — always trying to frame people.
  • Assemblyman Ko wants to put an attempted murder charge on Ye-seul, but he’s warned against it, as his legal team makes him aware that his son was about to release an illegal sexual video when the incident happened.
  • Assemblyman Ko wants an apology and a resignation from Professor Yang, but he refuses to.
  • Kang Sol A confronts Professor Yang about his apparent communication with Kang Dan.
  • To help Ye-seul, the students gather with Kim Eun-suk to help her case — Yeong-chang’s surgery was successful, but he is paralyzed down one side. Kang Sol A believes a self-defense case would suffice as Yeong-change was about to send a compromising sexual video.
  • At the end of episode 9, it’s revealed that Professor Yang will be Ye-seul’s lawyer, and he requests the judge to make it a “jury trial” for fairness.
Law School episode 10 and 11 release date

After a short break, episode 10 will be released on Netflix on May 19, 2021. The usual time is 3:00 pm (GMT), but sometimes this varies. We do not anticipate any changes to the schedule yet (sometimes this happens in the K-Drama world.) Episode 11 will be released on the following day.

Episode 10 and 11 summary and predictions:

There’s plenty to chew at in episode 10 and 11 — here are our predictions:

  • It’s likely we will get to the bottom of Seung-jae, the laptops, and him hiding in Professor Yang’s office in the next few episodes. The k-drama series has stretched this plot point for way too long.
  • With evidence of Professor Seo’s blood sugar levels that goes against Professor Yang’s testimony, the next few chapters present the professor and his attorney with a lot of work to do to strengthen their defense.
  • Expect the trial for Ye-seul to be fiery, with Assemblyman Ko wielding his defense team to try and punish her as much as possible. This may be more interesting than the trial against Professor Yang.
  • Will Kang Dan appear? We are expecting this very soon.
  • Will Kang Sol B stand as a witness for the murder trial despite Prosecutor Jin’s suggesting that it will work against her? We feel Seung-jae will be key to this, as he’s the true key witness.

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