Next Time On… New Amsterdam season 3, episode 14, “Death Begins in Radiology”

June 2, 2021
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This article may or may not contain spoilers for New Amsterdam season 3, episode 14, “Death Begins in Radiology”. We’ll see.

The latest episode of New Amsterdam felt a lot like a finale, even though it wasn’t one, which is to say a lot of personal subplots felt like they reached either an ending or a major turning point. Before we get into speculating about “Death Begins in Radiology”, let’s just run over the big moments so we have a sense of where we are since at least some of them might turn out to be important in next week’s outing.

  • Max turned up at Georgia’s parents’ house and for once laid the law down, insisting that he’s taking Luna home or, if they’re determined to go to court, he’ll beat them there and keep Luna away from them forever. Personally, I think this is the end of this subplot, but you never know with in-laws.
  • Helen finally began to bond with Mina, largely by admitting that the young woman has been right in a lot of her accusations. There’s no way this is “over”, but I reckon we’ve reached a turning point and we’ll have to put up with less of Mina just being petulant and Helen attempting to ambush her with university deans.
  • Iggy had his dramatic “stand-off” with Chance and told a tall tale to get him arrested. This is probably over and done with, but it’s unlikely Iggy will just be able to brush aside its knock-on effects, especially since he felt as though he betrayed his personal principles in both lying to Chance about the death of his brother and exploiting Chance’s trust in him to get the kid arrested.
  • Lauren really opened up about herself to Leyla, proving that she’s ready to commit to their relationship. Again, there’s more to come, but that’s a turning point, especially in Lauren opening up about being an addict and her history with women.
  • Floyd probably can’t bring himself to sleep with a beautiful married woman. Whatever.

Okay, on with it then.

New Amsterdam season 3, episode 14 release date

“Death Begins in Radiology”, the third season finale, will air at 10 pm on NBC on June 8, 2021. Here’s the official promo:

As you can see from the video above, the focus is firmly on Helen and Max, who apparently need to talk about their “thing”. You don’t say! This has been brewing for ages and the season finale seems as good a place as any to really make a decision one way or the other. Are they going to give each other a chance? Has it all been a red herring? Will some kind of unforeseen disaster get in the way and force us to wait another year just to see either way? I’m banking on the latter.

But it’s the episode’s description, both beneath the promo and on the episode’s IMDb page, that yields more clues. Here it is:

Reynolds receives a dramatic offer. Max scours the hospital after he misplaces his wedding ring. Iggy contemplates a serious life change. Bloom learns some potentially life-changing news about Leyla.

New Amsterdam season 3, episode 14 predictions:

What’s Reynolds’ dramatic offer? We’ve already done the will-he-won’t-he with his job, and that didn’t last long, so the logical assumption here is that it’ll be romance-related since that’s what his arc this season has largely focused on. Lauren had some home truths about his self-saboteur ways in “Fight Time”, so the idea of it being related to that wouldn’t be surprising to me.

Max scouring the hospital looking for his wedding ring feels like a typical Max plot, but you’ve also got to take into account the focus that the promo gives to him and Helen. If you were looking for a metaphorical subplot for Max moving on from Georgia’s death and allowing himself to find happiness with someone else, you’d probably come up with him symbolically losing his wedding ring.

Iggy’s life change will, one assumes, be an outgrowth of his Chance encounter — ugh, sorry — in “Fight Time”. But what’s the change? I’d assume that he’s contemplating moving away from therapy. This isn’t the first time that his work has greatly intruded on his personal life, but it is the closest his patients have come to his actual home. Is he beginning to feel like his work is putting Martin and the kids at risk? Or does he feel that, given the betrayal of his principles in resolving the situation with Chance, he’s no longer capable of helping people the way he once was?

And then there’s Lauren and Leyla. What’s the big news? Hard to say, though it’s logical to assume it’ll be somehow related to Leyla’s still-mysterious past. You know what this show is like — it’s setting Lauren up for some real happiness, finally, and it’ll probably only be doing that to ruin things for her once again.

Remember, New Amsterdam season 3, episode 14 airs on June 8. Let us know your own predictions in the comments below.

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