Mythic Quest season 2, episode 5 recap – what happened in “Please Sign Here”?

June 4, 2021
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Episode 5 brings an HR-centric chapter, which means plenty of deflection and rivalries merge within the team. It’s a brilliant episode.

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Episode 5 brings an HR-centric chapter, which means plenty of deflection and rivalries merge within the team. It’s a brilliant episode.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest season 2, episode 5, “Please Sign Here,” contains significant spoilers. 

Read the recap of the previous episode. 

Nothing worse than HR tasks, am I right? Well, episode 5 explores that with a group of dysfunctional employees.

At the start of episode 5, Carol (played by Naomi Ekperigin) from HR tells the employees that they need to sign their evaluation test pack. She tells them that they aren’t leaving until it is signed. However, they don’t want to sign, and they protest. Carol holds a meeting attempting to encourage them to sign. Rachel raises how she doesn’t like being labeled with an animal. As for Ian, he wants to know what animal Poppy got, but he learns that she never took the test as she’s too busy.

The test is oppressive 

C.W. Longbottom video calls into the HR meeting and tries to get out of the sensitivity training. Rachel agrees with Longbottom about putting people into boxes. This HR meeting is a disaster with everyone arguing amongst themselves. Rachel then angers Carol by saying the test is oppressive — she decides to leave to give herself five minutes to calm down.

Rivalries form

As Carol will not let the employees leave until they sign, they all get hungry. Jo brings up the pig Kate to Brad — Brad says it was a flickering moment of weakness, but Jo does not believe him; she believes in his brother Zach’s words. Jo calls Brad a “mouse.” Carol has to stop them from fighting. On the subject of dropping the animals on the test, Rachel says she knows Dana best, but Ian asks Rachel what Dana’s middle name is. She doesn’t know it.

Dana explains she can’t be a tester and an Otter and that she’s thinking of moving jobs. Rachel is confused as she didn’t know Dana was potentially leaving, which means a long-distant relationship. So she signs the test and leaves.

Welcome Poppy 

Poppy then appears and tells Dana to sign her test packet and get out — Ian then reveals that Poppy had sex dreams about her. Poppy tries to explain that the sex dreams are about power and dominance. Carol asks Poppy to take the test. David realizes that he took the test wrong, meaning he is a butterfly, not a wolf, so he signs and leaves awkwardly.

Brad vs. Jo begins

Jo tells Brad that he saw something in her that he feared, which is why he brought her in — she tells him she’s going to suck him dry. Then, things get intense, and they both sign their test packets and leave.

The two leaders remaining

And predictably, the two lions of the company remain to give a tense and slightly emotional end to a hectic chapter.

The only people left behind are Ian and Poppy. Carol looks at the results, and she’s worried about revealing them. Ian is shocked that Poppy got a lion as well on the test. Poppy tells Ian that he made her into a lion. The pair argue about it and refuse to sign the packet. They both go through each other’s answers late into the night. Finally, Carol tells them both to admit their greatest fears to prove their vulnerabilities.

The ending

Ian finally admits his fear so they both can leave — he states his fear is that Mythic Quest could be his only good idea and that Poppy may be the younger, smarter Lion. Poppy tells him that her fear is singing in public. Ian is flabbergasted that he went deep, and she didn’t. Poppy stands up, rips up her test, calls him the real lion, and asks if he is happy. Ian says, “not really,” solemnly and signs the test packet. Carol is ecstatic that she gets to go home.

Everyone has left, leaving Poppy and Ian behind, and the tension is awkward. Poppy apologizes and states she got mad when Ian said she isn’t a lion. She admits she has trouble with her expansion and misses having him around because he believes in her. Ian smiles and gets up — he tells her that he doesn’t believe in her and that she will fail without him before walking off. This was cowardly from Ian.

Mythic Quest season 2, episode 5 brings an HR-centric chapter, which means plenty of deflection and rivalries merge within the team. It’s a brilliant episode.

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