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June 6, 2021
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Custody battles and divorce requests — this series continues to throw drama at us, and Mine episodes 11 and 12 look to be the juiciest chapters yet. Here’s where we are with the lead characters.

  • Hi-soo stops Ji-yong from killing Ja-kyeong in her apartment — she reminds him that she and Ja-kyeong are the victims.
  • In a pivotal moment, Han Suk-chul, the chairman of the family, wakes up from his coma.
  • A drunken Jin-ho slaps head maid Joo — when Seo-hyun sees her husband do this, she slaps him herself and apologizes to Ms. Joo for his behavior.
  • Flashbacks show Seo-hyun and Suzy Choi drawing each other — they are relentlessly in love with each other, making their story even more tragic.
  • Mother Emma rejects Jin-hee for counseling, again, but this time face to face.
  • Realizing that happiness is key, Seo-hyun tells Father that she wishes to respect Soo-hyuk’s wishes; the young man does not want to get engaged and likes someone else.
  • Needing a new heir, Father picks Ji-yong to be his successor, which is highly concerning for Seo-hyun.
  • Hi-soo learns that Seo-hyun is not the biological son of Father.
  • In family court, Hi-soo wins her custody battle against Ja-kyeong.
  • As episode 10 ends, Hi-soo asks Ji-yong for divorce; in the courts, it was stated he is not fit to be a father. Hi-soo may have won the custody battle, but she supported Ja-kyeong’s claims about Ji-yong to the judges.
Mine episode 11 and 12 release date

Episode 11 will be released on Netflix on June 12, 2021. The usual time is 3:00 pm (GMT), but sometimes this varies. We do not anticipate any changes to the schedule yet (sometimes this happens in the K-Drama world.) Episode 12 will be released at the same time the day after.

Episode 11 and 12 summary and predictions:

Here are our questions and predictions:

  • Now that Han Suk-chul is out of his coma, what other decisions will he make? Or will he let the family run riot now?
  • We are really gunning for Suzy Choi and Seo-hyun to find a solution to their love — we do not reckon this will come next week. However, surely this will have a happy ending.
  • Will Mother Emma finally counsel Jin-hee? She seemed a little swayed when she saw Jin-hee sobbing.
  • How will Ji-yong react to recent developments? He is the show’s villain, and we expect him to fight back recklessly.
  • What is Hi-soo’s and Seo-hyun’s plan? They definitely have something in mind, and we predict that Ja-kyeong is in on it, and the custody battle was premeditated.

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