Mad for Each Other episode 8 recap – “Maybe We’re The Only Okay Ones”

June 8, 2021 (Last updated: June 11, 2021)
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Episode 8 brings the strong weight of friendship and how important it can be between two people who require support.

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Episode 8 brings the strong weight of friendship and how important it can be between two people who require support.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Mad for Each Other season 1, episode 8, “Maybe We’re The Only Okay Ones,” contains major spoilers.

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As this series progresses, it gets more meaningful and serious and less silly. It’s definitely a story that slow burns at the start and then catches audiences off guard.

At the start of the episode, Min-kyung makes Hwi-oh noodles for Hwi-oh. Continuing from the last chapter, there’s a strange sexual tension between them, and Min-kyung is making her attraction known. She’s drunk, so Hwi-oh brushes off what she’s saying.

Why does Min-kyung hate the rain?

Hwi-oh wonders why Min-kyung hates rain more than him. She explains that whenever it rains, her heart aches. Hwi-oh lightens the conversation and explains they are the okay ones, and everyone else is crazy for liking rain. Min-kyung likes the change of perspective.

Min-kyung’s mother

And then, unexpectedly, we are given insight into Min-kyung’s relationship with her mother.

The next day, Min-kyung’s mother heads over, and she’s irritated that her daughter has not been in touch. She asks who the man in her apartment is, so Min-kyung gives her the details. Her mother is dismayed and wonders if she can’t live without a man — she tells her daughter to die and that they should both kill themselves. Hwi-oh listens through the front door. After they calm down, the mother tells her she always runs and hides and that she can’t keep living like this. Min-kyung tells her mother that she shouldn’t have had her.

Tea with the mother

Hwi-oh bumps into Min-kyung’s mother, and she tells him to “lead the way.” He brings her into his apartment and gives her a drink. The mother asks Hwi-oh what he gets up to with his daughter and states the next person who hurts Min-kyung will be hunted down by her. Hwi-oh raises how she is very similar to her daughter and calls her very beautiful. This softens the mother, who tells Hwi-oh that Min-kyung never used to be this harsh to her and admits to having difficulty trusting people herself; the mother feels she can trust Hwi-oh and takes a leap of faith. She cries and asks him to take care of her daughter. Hwi-oh tells her she should trust her daughter instead and that she’s making progress.

A walking date

When the drama calms down, we witness what feels like the first official date — there’s excitement between both characters.

The mother leaves, so Hwi-oh tells Min-kyung. She asks Hwi-oh if he can take the dog for a walk at a specific time. She really means going for a walk together. They both get ready and seem excited. While out, Hwi-oh suggests she gets lighter sunglasses rather than dark ones. She tries on different colors. When she puts on the link lenses, she’s mesmerized while looking at Hwi-oh. He buys her the sunglasses.

They then race each other, and if Min-kyung wins, he’ll get her a gift. In a cute moment, Hwi-oh lets Min-kyung win, and she immediately wants her gift. He gives her a whistle attached to a necklace. He tells her to use it when she needs help.

Estate agent visit

Mad for Each Other episode 8 quickly turns emotional and dramatic again as Min-kyung has constant challenges thrown at her.

Back at her apartment, the estate agent brings a potential customer to look at Min-kyung’s apartment. Min-kyung tries to put the customer off; it seems she doesn’t want to move anymore, but she hasn’t realized it yet. The woman returns as she left her phone in the apartment. She asks her if she needs to leave urgently and asks why. The woman then reveals herself to be Seon-ho’s mother. Min-kyung is mortified.

Seon-ho’s mother asks Min-kyung to marry Seon-ho

They both go out for a drink at a cafe. Seon-ho’s mother wants her to settle and is willing to beg. She tells Min-kyung that she dated Seon-ho because she liked him and the trial will only put a toll on her. She offers to be her mother-in-law and tells her to marry Seon-ho.

Min-kyung reminds her of the abuse she suffered at the hands of her son. She stands firm despite the mother’s attempts and tells her to leave her alone. The mother offers to pay any amount she wants. Min-kyung states that she’ll write a petition asking for a longer prison sentence if she visits her again.

The ending

Min-kyung heads out into the streets in the rain, and she blows her new whistle. Hwi-oh hears it and runs down the streets until he finds her. He asks her what’s wrong, and she’s knelt in the rain. She’s happy that he came. She tells him that this time she really does need his help and blows her whistle again. He picks her up off the floor, and she rests her head on his chest. Min-kyung tells him she’s no longer going to run, and she’s going to endure it. The pair hug each other for the first time, and emotions are high. Their friendship supports each other.

As the episode ends, it’s revealed that an article has been released regarding Min-kyung, claiming she pocketed a settlement and ran away — they accuse her of playing the victim.

Mad for Each Other season 1, episode 8 brings the strong weight of friendship and how important it can be between two people who require support.

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