Mad for Each Other episode 9 recap – “To Have An Ally”

June 9, 2021
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Episode 9 demonstrates how harmful online rumors can be, as Min-kyung battles with a malicious post published on social media.

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Episode 9 demonstrates how harmful online rumors can be, as Min-kyung battles with a malicious post published on social media.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Mad for Each Other season 1, episode 9, “To Have An Ally,” contains major spoilers.

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At the start of episode 9, Hwi-oh makes Min-kyung a hot drink after breaking down in the rain. Hwi-oh wants to know if she meant it when she said she wouldn’t run away. She confirms she will not and explains that Seon-ho’s mother visited her to settle. Hwi-oh is furious and wants to know all the details.

The couple is a unified friendship now, and it feels like it could turn into a romance at any second.

The malicious rumours about Min-kyung

Malicious rumours are spreading online regarding Min-kyung, calling her a homewrecker and accusing her of wanting money. Her address has been given away, and news spreads fast around the community. The Women’s Association talks about it, and they want to call her out.

Seon-ho’s mother puts on a show

It goes from bad to worse in episode 9 as pressure mounts on Min-kyung and unfairly.

Seon-ho’s mother visits Min-kyung again — she tells her it isn’t over until there’s a settlement unless she wants it to get ugly. Min-kyung sees it as a threat. Neighbours nearby listen, so Seon-ho’s mother plays up and starts claiming she’s trying to destroy her family for money and tears well up in her eyes. It’s a completely manipulative act.

The Women’s Association ask Min-kyung to move out

Mad for Each Other episode 9 proves how false rumours online can easily ruin someone’s life.

The neighbours ask Min-kyung when she is moving out. They want her to leave as soon as possible as they don’t want a homewrecker in their apartments. Min-kyung is shocked that this is happening to her, and she gets upset. As she walks off, she sees the rumours online.

Hwi-oh tells his neighbours to take responsibility for how they’ve behaved towards Min-kyung

Of course, the turning point in all this is Hwi-oh, who will always have Min-kyung’s back.

Hwi-oh bumps into the same neighbours, and they tell him about what they’ve heard. He looks through the post and tells Ms Kim that none of this is true and yells at her — he wonders why they would blindly believe something without confirming it. He then learns she told Min-kyung to leave, and he’s disgusted. Hwi-oh asks Ms Kim to take responsibility.

Hwi-oh confirms he’s an ally

And then episode 9 offers the sweetest moment of the series so far.

Hwi-oh finds Min-kyung in a cafe, and he joins her for food. He tells her to defend herself and not run away, but Min-kyung thinks whatever she says is useless as she’s tried in the past. Hwi-oh tells her he’s a person too, and he’s on her side. He wants to be her ally. They both shake hands to agree that they are allies. Min-kyung takes photos of their handshake as evidence. She looks at the photos later and smiles.


The Women’s Association asks Samantha if he can track down the person who wrote the comment online about Min-kyung so they can fact-check. He agrees to do it for them. He notices that the IP address is the same as the apartment. One of the women from the Women’s Association posted a comment, but she claims she didn’t write it.

The store worker also works at the café, and she overheard the conversation Min-kyung had with Seon-ho’s mother, so she knows the truth — she tells them she isn’t a homewrecker and that she is a victim. Samantha says the article and most of the hateful comments are mostly from the same IP address. So they know Seon-ho’s mother did all this.

The allies report to their psychiatrist

Min-kyung tells her physciatrist that she finally has someone on her side that has her back. Hwi-oh says the same thing to his psychiatrist, but he notes he still got angry again and nearly lost control due to the malicious rumours online, and he has no idea how Min-kyung endured it all. He can’t stop worrying or thinking about her.

The ending of Mad for Each Other episode 9

The Women’s Association approach Min-kyung while she’s on a walk with Hwi-oh. Min-kyung tells them that she will not move out — they tell her she doesn’t need to and can join the association. Min-kyung agrees to join. The neighbours confirm they heard the post online was not true, and they apologise for the misunderstanding.

Hwi-oh and Min-kyung continue with their walk and have a good time with each other. They are becoming quite the item. Meanwhile, the Women’s Association approaches Seon-ho’s mother and intimidate her.

Episode 9 demonstrates how harmful online rumours can be, as Min-kyung battles with a malicious post published on social media.

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