Love, Victor season 2, episode 10 recap – the ending explained

June 11, 2021
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The ending of the finale gives plenty for the audience to chew on, including a cliffhanger that will have everyone screaming.

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The ending of the finale gives plenty for the audience to chew on, including a cliffhanger that will have everyone screaming.

This recap of Hulu’s Love, Victor season 2, episode 10, “Close Your Eyes,” — ending explained — contains spoilers.

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The finale of season 2 begins with Victor looking over the wedding invitation that says, “Victor and Benji.” He asks Pilar if he would come to the wedding with him. Pilar rejects the invitation and tells Victor to take Rahim. So Victor and Rahim agree to go together.

And, of course, we can all feel what trouble is coming with this.

Armando needs to make a decision

And everyone has a decision to make in episode 10, including Victor’s parents.

In an awkward moment, Isabel bumps into Armando and Shelby — she went to Armando’s house because he wasn’t replying to her texts. Isabel explains that Victor is in his room an awful lot, and she’s worried about him. She also raises that she wants to save their marriage, but if he doesn’t, then it’s time to move on with a new chapter as it’s too hard on her and the children.

Surprisingly, Dawn is grateful for Lake

Felix’s mother, Dawn, returns home, and they are happy to see each other. She explains the funny moments she experienced in the facility. Dawn is doing better, and she wanted to get healthy for her son. Felix reveals that he and Lake broke up because he felt betrayed. Dawn tells Felix that she will be forever grateful for Lake because she risked her relationship to make sure they were okay.

Felix heads to see Victor and ends up talking to Pilar; it’s awkward since Pilar kissed him. She tells him she can’t pretend everything is normal and that she likes him. Pilar asks Felix to be “Victor’s nerdy friend.”

Mia’s father is taking the job opportunity

Harold reveals to Mia that he’s taking the job opportunity at Stanford as it was too big to turn down. Mia is understandably upset.

At the wedding, Andrew tells Mia that they will figure it out. As for Lake, she asks Felix if she can sit next to him, and he accepts. Harold and Veronica get married, and it’s a sweet ceremony.

Isabel apologizes to Benji

In a pivotal moment, episode 10 shows how far Isabel has come.

Benji didn’t go to the wedding, so Isabel unexpectedly visits him at the café. She apologizes for being a factor in him and Victor breaking up. She doesn’t want to be the reason that it happened. Benji tells Isabel that their problems are bigger than that. Isabel explains that relationships require hard work, and she states Victor put his entire relationship on the line with her to defend him.

Andrew gives Harold his opinion

In the post-wedding ceremony celebrations, Harold dances with his daughter Mia, but she walks off again upset. Andrew tells Harold that he respects him, but he lost a little bit for him today. He makes him aware that Mia never fully recovered from her mother leaving and that him ripping her away from her home will be hard for her to recover from.

Great move from Andrew here, who is also showing a lot of maturity in season 2.

The dance

And then, predictably, the drama comes, encouraging each character to make a decision.

Lake approaches Felix again at the wedding party and asks if he wants to dance, and he accepts — Felix thanks Lake for her help with his mother; in his pocket, Pilar has left him his favorite snacks, and it makes Felix think — he decides to leave the dance. Victor asks Rahim for a dance as well. It’s a slow dance, so super romantic. Benji turns up and sees them dancing, and he is furious.

Victor tries running after him, stating that he and Rahim are just friends. Rahim finds Victor, and he agrees with Benji — they aren’t just friends. He enjoys his time with Victor. Rahim’s words move Victor, and then Rahim kisses him. Rahim then leaves and asks Victor to figure things out.

Two friends with a similar situation

So now there are two characters in a horrible dilemma — who do they choose?

Victor sits in a room away from the party but then finds Felix, who is having a small panic attack because Lake wants to get back together, but he likes someone else. He reveals it is Victor’s sister Pilar and that they have the best time together. But then, he says Lake is the first girl he loved. Victor says he has a similar situation with Benji and Rahim.

Felix tells Victor to close his eyes and imagine a “boyfriend” and describes various scenarios. He asks Victor who he sees. Victor and Felix can both see someone — they’ve figured it out.

The ending of Love, Victor season 2, episode 10

The ending of the finale gives plenty for the audience to chew on, including a cliffhanger that will have everyone screaming:

  • Felix meets Pilar and tells her he doesn’t want to be friends, and kisses her.
  • Meanwhile, Lucy, who is working at the wedding as a waitress, is approached by Lake. She tells her it hasn’t gone well with Felix — Lucy tells Lake that she never saw her with Felix anyway — she asks Lake if she wants to hang out. There’s a suggestion of a new gay relationship here.
  • Harold tries to find Mia to tell her that he made a mistake over Stanford, but she’s already gone — Andrew is driving her to see her mother.
  • Armando visits Isabel and kisses her. He’s picked saving his marriage.
  • As Victor runs to meet someone, Simon rings him for a low-down, but Victor says he’s figured it out. He thinks it’s crazy how he had no one to talk to at first, but now he has so many people since “coming out.” He believes he is ready to figure out the next chapter of his life without him. Victor thanks him for everything. Victor hits a doorbell, and someone answers — he says, “hi,” and the credits roll, leaving the audience with a cliffhanger. Who did Victor pick — Rahim or Benji?

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