Mad for Each Other episode 11 recap – “Clear After Rain”

June 15, 2021
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Episode 11 ramps up the criminal investigation for drug lord Yang while also presenting the blossoming love between the two lead characters.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Mad for Each Other season 1, episode 11, “Clear After Rain,” contains major spoilers.

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It looked like Min-kyung was in trouble in the last episode, but luckily she’s okay…

Min-kyung walks into a woodwork factory during the patrol — Hwi-oh walks in and apologizes to one of the workers. As they walk away, Min-kyung tells Hwi-oh that she finds the place suspicious and feels it might be an illegal drug factory. It turns out her suspicions were correct as scenes confirm the place is run by the drug lord Yang, the one that Hwi-oh is trying to capture.

Impromptu drinks with the investigators

Episode 11 attempts to mix the blossoming love with Hwi-oh’s obsession to crack the drug dealer case.

While at a cafe with Min-kyung, Hwi-oh’s police colleagues sit with him. Hwi-oh shows his colleagues Yang, the waiter from the club — he does note that it is only circumstantial evidence, but it adds up. He also raises suspicions that HQ is failing to catch Yang for a reason. On the next table, Min-kyung believes certain members of the forces work with the drug cartels. She gets very passionate about the conspiracy and then joins the table.

They sense that Min-kyung is Hwi-oh’s girlfriend and offer her a drink. One of Hwi-oh’s colleagues remarks how gorgeous Min-kyung is, and Hwi-oh gets increasingly frustrated, especially when they talk about his romantic history. Regardless, his acquaintances seem really happy for him. As Hwi-oh and Min-kyung walk home, they hold hands.

Wanting to become better people

Min-kyung and Hwi-oh tell their psychiatrist how afraid they are of messing up their wonderful relationship — they want to become better people for each other.

Dating violence

As Hwi-oh enters the police station, he learns someone is getting arrested for dating violence. The media reports why this happens. The episode then shows flashback scenes of Min-kyung getting abused by Seon-ho. Meanwhile, Seon-ho and his mother visit their legal representation to prepare for their appeal. The lawyer wants Seon-ho to draft an apology letter as a starting point and a donation to a charity that helps women. Seon-ho walks out as he’s disinterested.

Connecting the dots

At the police station, Hwi-oh’s colleagues show him a post regarding “officer of the month,” Inspector Woo Do-hoon; he is being celebrated for solving 325 drug offenses. These are the same officers who told Hwi-oh he was obstructing justice when he was tracking down Yang. Hwi-oh looks into the solved cases, and he finds that one of the convicts looks like Yang, with the name Han Pil-hee.

Hwi-oh believes that Woo Do-hoon and his colleagues made a deal with Yang — protection in exchange for arresting junkies.

The ending of Mad for Each Other season 1, episode 11

Episode 11 ends in awful circumstances; if you love dogs, this will make you anxious.

Min-kyung gets worried as her dog runs off and goes into the elevator alone, and the door shuts. She runs down the stairs herself, but then a man enters the elevator — when the elevator doors open, the dog is gone; Min-kyung panics and screams around the neighborhood. When Min-kyung finds her dog, he’s unconscious, so she takes him to the vet, and the dog has surgery. We can only assume the man that hurt her dog was Seon-ho.

Min-kyung knocks on Hwi-oh’s apartment door to tell him about the dog, but a woman answers it.

Episode 11 ramps up the criminal investigation for drug lord Yang while also presenting the blossoming love between the two lead characters.

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